Sex Toys: An Important Means Of Improving Sex Desire
Sex toys is one of the most common things when we go shopping whether on the internet or in the physical store. There are several reasons. For one side, with the technology develops, there are more and more new products come into the market, including the sex toys like clit vibrator, silicone prostate vibrator, robot sex toy, vibrating condom, sex toy masturbator and so on. For another side, people's sexual concept is becoming more and more open, and people can accept these kind of products. So the market is hot sale now. More and more people have their own sex toys.

The modernization of life brings us convenience and comfort. When one need their own sex toys, they can buy them on the internet. High quality, cheap products, fast shipping make more and more people choose to buy their own items by online shopping. As the reports says, only just less than 10 percent people will buy in the physical store. The reason can be divided into two main points. One, some people are afraid that they may face up to some acquaintance, ohh, that would be embarrassed. For another, they said that is is too expensive to buy on the physical store, what's more embarrassing is that they cannot bargain with the seller for some reasons. Therefore, they prefer buying on the internet.

In spite of, these sex toys also bring us some disadvantages. For example, too frequency using of sex mouth toy, sex masturbation or male prostate plug will harm our body. Masturbation or flirting with these sex products, etc., need to be properly used, not too frequent, which is the same as husband and wife life... If used too excessively, it will lead to physical and mental exhaustion, kidney deficiency; But it is believed that these disadvantages will be disposed if with the moderation of sex toys and our body will become more healthier and comfortable.

From the above discussion we can see that the sex toys has both advantages and disadvantages. So in my opinion, we should hold reasonable attitudes towards it

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