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Adult Toy Store: Leading Adult Sex Toys For 7 Years

We Adult Shop is a professional sex toy store from China. In the last 7 years, we have built up a long cooperation with many costumers from all over the world. And plus, we have cooperated with many big brand company, like lelo, leten、meese, DORR、EASY.LOVE L、KeY、iobanana、LELO、svakom、WOWYES、ZINI、DMM、A·ONE、UNIMAT. More male sex toys, sex toys for women, couples sex toys are waiting for you to explore.


Customer's benefits and experience is our lifelong pursuit. Our adult toy store supply all kinds of sex toys for you, such like: dildos, pocket pussy, male masturbator, fleshlight, vibrators, BDSM toys, lubrication and so on. What's more, various kinds of colors, functions, usage and size are waiting for you choose from. Discreet shipping for all orders to protect your privacy, please do not worry about the privacy disclosure.

Vibrator: More and more people choose to buy their vibrator as their sex toy whether they are men, women, gay or lesbian. Vibrator is a multi-functional adult toy for orgasm comfortably. Many vibrators can be found in our adult toy store, like rabbit vibrator, remote control vibrator, best vibrator, bullet vibrator,etc,.

Fleshlight: Compared with male masturbator, fleshlight is more discreet. And many male choose to use it for improve sex experience and stamina. For a lot of fleshlights, they also stimulate vaginal, anal and oral sex for male masturbation. Need find more fleshlights? Come here and you will find them all here, like fleshlight launch, homemade fleshlight, best fleshlight, diy fleshligh,etc,.

Dildo: Realistic dildo is a sex toy, which simulate the human penis and is widely used among women, gays or lesbian for masturbation. More and more functions, sizes or colors are added into them. And plus, you can find different kinds of dildos here, like
 dragon dildo, anal dildo, huge dildo, bad dragon dildo, etc,.

Sex doll: Sex doll is a kind of adult toy stimulating real woman or man in size or shape, skin even functions for female or male orgasm. Sex doll is a good sex partner when you feel lonely. With more and more functions are added, they just seems like a real woman or man to satisfy your special needs. There are many sex dolls in our adult shop, for example: male sex doll, realistic sex doll, mini sex doll, anime sex doll, etc,.

Cock ring: Cock ring is a ring that are worn around the base of the cock to prolong the sex time of ejaculating, so that you have a longer sex love time. Now, many functions are immersed into penis rings to bring you a more comfortable sex experience, like vibrating, massaging and heating. Also, you can find many cock rings here, Such as:

vibrating cock ring, best cock ring, homemade cock ring, diy cock ring, etc,.


Cheap Japanese Sex Toys For Men

Weadultshop - Premium Japanese Sex Toys 

Weadultshop is an innovative company specialed in producing and offer the best Japanese sex toys for all our customers. If you are into Japanese sex toys, then you should find your favorite one to satisfy all your needs. Our adult toys will never let you down and they will try their best to make your dream come true. Anyway, if you are looking for some high quality, low price and multiple features adult toys, then you come to the right place. If you are interested in us and want to find your preferred sex toy, then, please continue to browse our store.

Wide Selection Of Japanese Sex Toys

A huge number of sex toys are included, like male masturbators, vibrators, dildos, pocket pussy ( onaholes), and so on. When you are browsing our store, that means you are working with a company that has a vast selection of toys for you to choose from. Different products, different colors, different features, different functions, and there are different options will try their best to meet up all your fantasy. Whatever your fantasy it is,  you will find your favorite ones here. Our designers pay attention to the user's experience, so they will try their best to design various products and functions, offering you a wide range of options.

Sex Toys Superior Construction

 You should know the care and attention that goes into constructing each of our sex toys. We have won the trust of our customers from all over the world. Customers' satisfaction is our priority, and we always collected feedbacks and reviews to improve our products, so that our customers are 100 percent satisfied. And plus, at our store, almost all the masturbators or onaholes(pocket pussy) are made from high quality TPE or silicone, and there are no toxic components for your body. At the same time, if you use it cherishly, then your toys will definitely be used for many years. Apart from the feature of premium quality, all our products come will instructions to make you understand how to use them.

Creative and Professional Sex Toys

In our company, there are a lot of designers who has rich experience for many years. This also can be used to explain why there are tons of customers from all over to world to buy our products all the time. We are proud of providing some of the most innovative and creative adult toys available on the market. If you want a sex toy to get your fantasy satisfied, then come and find your favorite one. I believe, there is one stimulating and comfortable sex toy is waiting for your care and love. In addition, we are professional in producing sex toys in order to satisfy people's needs. For example, when you get a male masturbator, then you would be astonished by its functions, like heating, rotating, thrusting, voice, vibrating, and so on, it is too much so I cannot list them all here. But you need to trust me again, you are paying a premium price for a premium experience. Anyway, if you are looking for a creative and professional sex toy store, I just recommend buying your one from here. 

Top Quality Japanese Onahole Sex Toys Online

Japanese Pocket Pussies ( Onaholes)

At Weadultshop, we offer to you a wide range of Japanese Onahole sex toys for our customers. From male masturbator to pocket pussy, from onahip to blowjob sex doll torso. We offer to you a wide range of different kinds of Onaholes for you to choose from. Onaholes, also named pocket pussys, imitate the real pussy to the best extent to make men masturbate and satisfy their sexual fantasy. These Onalholes are hot sale at our store because of their quality, multiple kinds of types and low price. Even if the pocket pussy comes from different places, but Japan still leads the main market. As we all know, it originates the history in Japan. After decades of improvement, now you can find a differnet types of appearance and features of these toys. Like handheld toys, torsoshaped toys called “hips,” and even fullsize dolls. Its name comes from the word “onanie,” which refers to masturbation and has the same roots as the word “onanism”. Nowadays, there is still a wide range of onaholes are made from Japan and they are more and more popular for their high quality, and they are widely used among adult men.

How to Use an Onahole?

There are many benefits of using an Onahole, that is to say, it is stimulating and comfortable. A wide range of Onaholes at uusextoy are waiting for you to choose from and you will find your favorite one here. It will bring you a unforgettable sex feeling which is your hands cannot. Some customers told me, " Your Onahole is better than a real girl". I think that the realistic and tight pussy must satisfy all his needs. And plus, one of my another customer told me that our onahole help him to relieve stress after the orgasm and he can even come to the orgasm for multiple times with this toy. Now, you have known why you need to use an Onahole, but how to use it well. 

For me, the best way is definitely up to you. After all, comfortableness is most important. Some onaholes are made for thrusting, while others feel better if you twist and turn them around your penis. You can use it anytime anywhere, use it when watching porn, lying down, taking a rest, or when you taking a shower. All in all, it is very simple. At the same time, you had better use some lube to relieve the uncomfortableness. Some onaholes are made for thrusting, while others feel better if you twist and turn them around your penis. At last, please don't forget to wash it using gentle soap before and after use.Tips, do not use siliconebased lube for your silicone sex toy in case that it will harm your sex toy, but water-based lube is recommended.

Why Buy From Us?

Apart from onaholes, there are still many other Japanese sex toys that can be found at our store. For example, rabbit vibrator, Hitachi magic wand, and male masturbator and so on. In fact, onaholes are comparatively cheap than other kinds of sex toys online. From realistic genitals to anime mouths and vaginas, etc,. And they will bring you more sex pleasure into your sex life. If you need to buy your favorite one, then you come to the right place. We offer to you the best sex toys here. Most of our onaholes we've looked at are modeled after vaginas, and there are many options for you to choose from.