Weadultshop is a wholly owned subsidiary company invested by Many big companies in China and it is the r&d, PR and sales center of WEADULTSHOP worldwide. Company's main products are prostate massagers, high-quality sex toys and related ancillary products; Our products are sold in more than 40 countries and regions.

Established in 2003, WEADULTSHOP is the world's luxury sex toy design brand, which completely subverted the traditional image of personal massage, bringing new fashion appearance, sensory enjoyment and functional use to the public.

WEADULTSHOP's concept of quality, design aesthetics and innovation runs through all product lines, and it is now extended to the pleasure accessories series, male masturbator, Lube, massage candles and high-end lingerie series.

Millions of people love Weadultshop because it's a good treat to give yourself.

We have witnessed outstanding and continuous growth every year. All products are manufactured by wholly owned subsidiaries in 40 countries worldwide. WEADULTSHOP's offices are also expanding rapidly, from its headquarters in Stockholm to San Francisco, and from Sydney to Shanghai.