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LETEN 4D Automatic Heating Piston Hands Free Masturbator - Adult Toys LETEN 4D Automatic Heating Piston Hands Free Masturbator - Adult Toys
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Male Masturbation Pussy Toy 3D Sex Toy For Men - Adult Toys Male Masturbation Pussy Toy 3D Sex Toy For Men - Adult Toys
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Automatic 3D Texture Thrusting Rotating Vagina Pussy - Adult Toys Automatic 3D Texture Thrusting Rotating Vagina Pussy - Adult Toys
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10 Mode Silicone Smart Vibrating Pocket Pussy - Adult Toys 10 Mode Silicone Smart Vibrating Pocket Pussy - Adult Toys
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Leten A380 Piston Automatic Telescopic Masturbation Cup - Adult Toys Leten A380 Piston Automatic Telescopic Masturbation Cup - Adult Toys
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3in1 Airbag Pocket Pussy Stroker Masturbation Cup - Adult Toys 3in1 Airbag Pocket Pussy Stroker Masturbation Cup - Adult Toys
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Young Looking Sex Doll 3d Mature Love Doll TorsoYoung Looking Sex Doll 3d Mature Love Doll Torso
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Crystal Transparent Pocket Pussy Male Masturbation With Cock Ring - Adult Toys Crystal Transparent Pocket Pussy Male Masturbation With Cock Ring - Adult Toys
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Big Butt Toy Life Size Female Doll Pussy TorsoBig Butt Toy Life Size Female Doll Pussy Torso
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3D Realistic Silicone Love Doll - Adult Toys 3D Realistic Silicone Love Doll - Adult Toys
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3D Realistic Big Ass Vagina Pocket Pussy - Adult Toys 3D Realistic Big Ass Vagina Pocket Pussy - Adult Toys

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Male Masturbators | Realistic Stroker Men Sex Toys

Guidance of Buying the Male Masturbators For the beginners

In fact, whether you a beginner or a guy with more experience. There is a need for you to read the following tips. Facing up to so many male masturbators at the market, you need to have some related knowledge to tell the good and fake ones. 
1. Materials
There are many male masturbators are made from high-quality silicone, TPE, or PVC material. However, if you have even bought a fake one, then you would know still some masturbators are made from bad quality materials. Some even are sensitive to this kind of material, you know, some poor quality material would harm our body. So it is very vital to choose a trustworthy seller before we buy. 
2. Cleanness
It is very important for us to choose a male masturbator that is easy to clean, which is incredibly important. Try to imagine. Who wants to spend too much time cleaning sex toys after ejaculating. You are so tired and you just want to have a rest. You even don't want to clean the bed no to mention clean the sex toys again and again. In the country, you need to find men stokers which are easy to clean with soap or water. Of course, you can also just buy a sleeve, easy to wash and use is ok.
3. Are they Affordable for me?
I would prefer to asking what is your budget to buy a masturbator for men. There are various kinds of male stokers on the market. From low price to high price, we can speak more precisely, that is from 0.99USD to 600USD plus, but most of them are $50 to 200USD. If you need to buy a sex doll torso or sex machine, then it is very expensive. Then you can search for what you need at any store online, and you can filter the price directly. It is more intuitional for your needs. If you don't want to spend too much on a sex toy, don't worry, there are still many useful and comfortable adult toys online, like pocket pussy, penis sleeve. They are cheap but stimulating, about 10usd, and many of them are free shipping. But you need to attend, not all, but most! So, maybe it needs a lot of time when you need to buy your sex toys if you consider too many factors. At last, you had better read the descriptions and reviews carefully in case it let you down.
4. What is Real Feeling?
I am afraid that this is the most important factor. If it cannot bring anything to you, or it is less comfortable than your hands, then what is the point of buying it? Therefore, you need to read the description, see the pics patiently, and read the reviews. Another method is that you can refer to some videos, just like Youtube to get the real feeling of other people. Especially, if your male masturbators are very expensive, over 100USD, then you need to think twice before you buy. At the same time, see more reviews from other stores to browse what other customers say. For example, one guy said," This masturbator is too hot when I open the heating function, I cannot feed up with". However, this is what you need.
5. How Long Will it can be Used?
It depends. If you use it with good care, then you can definitely use it for a long time. Just like wash and dry it before and after using. Second. If you get a high-quality masturbator, like premium material, then it is anti-wear. In fact, it will likely live longer than many years. Other toys that have that realistic skin feel even more life-like than silicone, but they’re going to have to be replaced eventually. Most of these masturbators for men come with replaceable sleeves, so if you have to buy a new one every year or two, it’s not a big deal – not like you’re replacing the entire device. But again, you need to be comfortable with it however you choose to go.
Therefore, to sum up. If you want to keep her lifetime, you can use it cautiously. But maybe you would feel boring after using for a long time. But don't worry, you can store and reuse them after some time.

Which Kind of Male Masturbator Is Better?

There are a huge number of male masturbators online, like pocket pussy, penis massagers, or sex doll torsos, and so on, but which one is better? I think you must have thought about it no more than once before buying. Here, I would like to give you some tips.

The male masturbator is one kind of sex toy for men to bring pleasure and stimulation. In brief, it is a male sex toy to help you jerk-off when you need to ejaculate. At the same time, there are so many functions, like heating, vibrating, thrusting to give you a more realistic and stimulating feeling. It is even more comfortable than a real woman. In addition, for some male masturbators, they can even have the functions of automatic and hands-free, so you can complete the process without your hands.

The Benifits of Automatic Male Masturbator:

Easy to store

Easy to clean

Cheaper than a sex doll

The sensation and stimulation is even intense than a real woman of most male masturbators

They imitate all the features and add some other functions of real human 

It can be used anytime anywhere

The Benefits of Pocket Pussy:

Get off in a whole new way. 

It is cheap among all male masturbators

It is easy to clean

It is light and easy to hold

It can satisfy all your fantasies

The Benefits of Sex Doll Torso:

The size: Many guys choose to buy a sex doll torso or mini sex doll because if their mini size compared with a full-size sex doll. The sex doll torso has almost all the features and functions, so it can satisfy your needs well. It seems that only the height and weight make them different. What's important is that they are very cheap. They can meet up all your needs effortlessly without tiring yourself. On the flip side, sex doll torsos are easy to be hidden in view of their size. You can store them in a suitcase in case someone finds them. Also, it is easy to carry, you can even take her when you travel.

Affordability: Sex doll torso is definitely cheaper than mini sex dolls, at the same time, mini size dolls go for about 50% of the price of full-size dolls. Regardless of the material used, Sex doll torsos and Mini love dolls require less of the material which makes them go for a slightly lower price. They can, therefore, be the perfect prescription for those wishing to own a sex doll but not ready to fork out a lot. If you are a  beginner, you had better choose to buy a sex doll torso to practice. Their small size and less weight make them flexible and easy to use. This makes them great for starters before they ultimately decide to commit to a full-sized doll or have sex with a real woman.

As I mentioned above, I still cannot say which one is better. The best way is to choose your favorite one according to your detailed needs. If you still have any doubt, always ask your male masturbator supplier in choosing the right sex toys for you. Trust me, there are numerous dynamics that come into play. You can read some reviews, browse some blogs or forums, or watch some videos before you are going to buy. And plus, if you are satisfied with one seller, you can focus on their new arrival products to find what you like in the future. It might take some time but you can be sure the time will be worth it.

Leten Automatic Thrusting Smart Male Using Male Masturbator

The fivefold upgrade to the A380 3rd. Package luxury configuration brings you unexpected passion in the air. Rapid piston, inner jeck-off stroke design, air stewardess's vagina, stewardess sweet voice, body temperature, I have used many masturbators, only A380 can not be forgotten.


Brand: Leten

Material: ABS, TPE

Name: A380 3rd

Noise: Less than 60decible

Frequencies: 10

Weight: 944g

Charging time: 3-4 hours

Usage time: more than 30mins



1. Stewardess recording by voice actor, restore the real role
2. Original sound temptation, professional equipment, experience the real stewardess voice
3. Can both secretly steal pleasure, but also be wild and passionate
4. Can be placed outside, can be plugged in earphones: wearing earphones, comfortable enough to immerse no one know

A constant temperature of 40°, warm sex, the temperature of love. A380 stimulates your penis fiercely throughout. Sci-fi styling, a full set of A380 services. The shape of an aeroplane full of science and technology came into view and couldn't help but want to unlock her hidden charm. Fully charge once, use smoothly for several times. It can be filled for 30-60 minutes, 15 minutes at a time. USB magnetic charging, multiple device transfer to charge, convenient and fast.

One. Reinstall and Upgrade One

The flight attendant took off 350 times and the Pistons took the lead. Speed ​​up by 27%, sit on your body, swing your body hard, burst your hormones. 350 pistons per minute, dual-track powerful traction

1. There is speed, there is passion: feel the stewardess's upper position movement 350 times per minute
2. Strong power, smooth without jamming: large motor and alloy track traction, amazing power
3. Use rhythm to ignite lust: match his 10 piston rhythms, recruit new experiences

Two. Reinstall and Upgrade 

Hold your penis wholly without compromising pleasure. 360° personal service. The three flight attendants linger around you, pulsing internally throughout the whole process, and the penis never leaves the passage. Every drop of feeling is not leaked, and the pleasure is truly lossless. No loss of piston pleasure. The penis is always cool inside. There is no loss of pleasure with the internal pistons throughout the journey. The non-destructive dense track package is far more pleasant than ordinary male strokers. The fat and tender coverage, the fat and tender Q bomb at the entrance, plump and temptation. It moves wildly, stretches up and down in the middle, with passion. Cyclone suction. The back air pressure tightly clamps your glans.

Three. Reinstall and Ppgrade

Long-distance piston from root to head. No matter what the posture. The penis is always in the genitals, completely immersed in it. N cm thrusting, does not need to move, contains and suck your penis.

Forth. Reinstall and Upgrade

The sound of desire comes from the temptation on the tip of the cloud. A variety of characters take turns to speak, giving you the feeling of being on the scene, completely immersed in the newly built flight.

Japanese Fully Automatic Heating Male Masturbator Adult Sex Toy

Full intelligent sensor expansion, a button to start, let you can not stop. 5D channel, peristaltic and telescopic, the stroker body is vibrating, make you very comfortable. For your health, we use pacifier grade soft material. Good looks and good works. With the channel tightening design, large particles bump the inner wall, every deep movement is enjoyment so that the penis can reach the point of excitement. 5D virtual skin channel, 360° wraps around the penis bumps and irritates the fleshy wall, tight and elastic. About the battery life, we only talk about the facts, long-term 18650 lithium battery group. Charge for two hours and play for 2.5 hours. Easy to install and more convenient to clean. Please note: high temperature, hot water washing, and soaking are prohibited.

male masturbator


Type: R2020

Material: ABS

Control Type: Electric

Functions: thrusting, heating, voice.induction

Features: Intelligent heating, 6 frequency thrusting switch, Three thrusting speeds


1. The intimate channel, fully intelligent heating, restores the body temperature of the simulated channel. It is very comfortable to wrap your penis around 360° with constant temperature.
2. Intelligent peristalsis, rubbing and shrinking. Expand and contract enter 18cm
3. 5D large particles, multi-directional wrapping. Multi-frequency strong vibration massage and exercise your penis. No need to move, save time and effort
4. The second generation version: induction sound, synchronous audio, smart telescopic
5. Two days of ice and fire, experience the blending of ice and heat, refreshing and making you don't want to stop

A10 piston masturbator



280 deceleration motor


520 deceleration motor, strong power

It's cold and has no desire


Intelligent constant temperature heating 38°, simulation channel temperature

Inner cup for external use, poor effect, not constant temperature, material is easily damaged. Single vibration frequency is small, no feeling, hard material


A variety of telescopic effects, intelligent constant temperature, comfortable experience


53LB Half Size Sex Doll Torso

Pursue details and be more authentic. 1:1 structure of a real person, restore the real experience. Standing tall and crisp breasts, feeling her tenderness, exquisiteness revealed from the inside and outside. Double-layer entrance, new channel upgrade. Uterine design, double stimulation. Swing freely and experience different postures. It adopts Japanese imported materials and new technology to improve the oil control level, no odor, and creates a delicate and smooth skin texture, which is close to zero greasy so that maintenance and absorption are no longer a problem. The interior is filled with jelly fiber gel to ensure a good feel. Metal keel skeleton: Built-in skeleton through the body and legs of the doll, it is more convenient to use, and there are more ways to play. It has passed FDA certification to ensure safe use.

sex doll torso


1. Triple Sex Experience: Vaginal sex, anal sex, and breast sex.

2. High-quality Materials: Safe, non-toxic, odorless, medical-grade TPE material.

3. Upgraded Metal Skeleton:  keeps her sturdy and allows for any sex postures.

FAQ of Male Masturbators

How to Clean Your Male Masturbator?

It seems that cleaning your masturbator is difficult because of its Precision inner structures. Different love toys, different cleaning ways.

For example, if you have bought one pocket pussy, then it is very easy to clean before and after using. You can even turn over the inner side and dry it. However, if you use a male stroker with features of thrusting, heating, and vibrating. You need to clean them cautiously in case it will harm the sex toy. But almost all the toys are easy to clean when producing. The producer has considered too many factors, just like cleaning. 

For most non-electrical stokers, you can clean them with some warm water, this is enough. You can also choose to wash them in the sink, bath, shower, and so on. But remember, you had better not choose to use the soap. What's more, for some blowjob machine or some hands-free automatic masturbator, there are some special wipes and fluid in the package. At this time, please use them if the manufacture advises. 

Is Male Mastorbator Worth That Much?

If you have bought some kinds of male stoker toys, you would know that this kind of adult toys are very expensive. Then, maybe you would doubt whether they worth that money. The answer is YES. Even if we talk for one month, the answer is still yes. Auto strokers are better than your calloused, grubby hands. Their benefits are so much that I can't list them all here. At least, the ribbed inner granularity will stimulate and massage your penis even if it is just a cheap pocket pussy. Try to imagine, is it not comfortable than your hands?

What Kind of Lube Should You Use With Male Masturbators?

You need to use a different kind of lube to clean your toys, but most water-based lube can be used to clean your male stokers. Or you can choose to use some warm water. Why? There will be erosion or harm to my precious male stroker? The majority of adult toys are made from silicone, PVC, TPE, or some related materials. For example, silicone-based lube can destroy silicone toys.

Last month, I have also heard of some guys using more natural alternatives such as coconut oil, which works well but can stain your sheets and degrade certain types of toys.

Is There a Need for Me to Buy the second Male Stoker?

Some may ask whether one male stoker is enough for him. Indeed, it is difficult for me to answer this question. Different male masturbators have different features and functions, so they will bring to you different kinds of feelings and experiences. From my past experience, a majority of guys would choose to buy two men stoker simultaneously, one is automatic male masturabtor, another one is hands control stoker. Still, some bought one electric-control sex toy and one lube. A small part of people would buy three or more masturbator one time. So, in my opinion, you can buy an electric masturbator and a pocket pussy to use them alternatively. Of course, it depends on you. This question doesn't have the right answer.

Male Masturbator Will Harm My Body?

Nowadays, more and more people choose to use their sex toys whether they are single or married. Sex toys have a lot of benefits, such as, help us to ejaculate, improve our sex life, and make our sex relationship more harmonious. There is no need to have any worries when you are going to have your sex toy. But remeber, you need to use sex toys, like male masturbator in a proper frequency. You cannot use it all the time, that is to say, ejaculating is too frequently, then it will harm your body. 

Where Can I Get My Male Masturbation Toys?

With the internet develops, then online shopping is becoming more and more convenient, you can get almost all you want online. Like Amazon, eBay, etc,. In old times, you need to buy waht you need from the local store, but what if you need to buy a sex toy. It will be embarrassing if you face up an acquaintance when you are bargaining with the seller. Or if you are shy, you even don't dare to stare at the seller's eyes, pay, and run away.

Then bam – the internet.We can explore every type of male masturbator out there- browse them and compare the price, learn real reviews.There is enough time for us to pick up what we need online. And so of course it only makes sense to buy them online too, right?

Can I Use a Masturbation Sleeve With My Frined?

In general, I don't advise you to do that. But it depends on whether your frend is healthy. So if the relationship between you and your friend is good so that you know everything about her or him. If he or she is healthy, then you can use it with her/him. If not, please don't use it together.

If you really want to use it with your roommate, friend, partner, etc,. Then you guys had better have a test for STDs and STIs in case there is some infection. Maybe your frined may say: "I am fine, I never used a condom all the time". Don't trust him, testing is believing. In addtion, if your friend is healthy and you had to use it together, please clean the male masturbator before and after using. It is vital to keep healthy all the time to avoid any infection.

What should I Avoid When Buying Male Masturbators?

There are many adult toys online. Generally, you get what you pay for! If you find a “male sex toy” for 15USD, I can tell you right now that it’s going to suck. And I don’t mean that in a good way. It’s going to be terrible. To create a toy that feels great and that will last any length of time, the materials to create it is going to cost way more than 20USD – so there’s no way you’re going to be able to purchase it for that! So – avoid anything that’s dirt cheap.

On the flip side, please avoid buying some terrible material stoker toys, like rubber or plastic. Because these kinds of materials are too old to produce sex toys. Rubber and many types of plastic are porous and so they can keep and breed bacteria – not good. The newer materials not only feel much nicer, but they’re far more hygienic too.

Where Should I Store My Male Stroker?

This is a very easy thing to do for anyone. In general, put it in a dry place is ok. At the same time, please put a place far away from the Children. If you care for privacy, you can store it in a place, which is difficult to find, like store case or table, etc,.

At the same time, some sex toys don't come with its case, then you can put it on a box, like a shoebox or what. At the same time, if there is a plastic bag, please cover it. But remember, please keep it dry before you put it inside. For me, I actually store most of those ones at the top of my hall closet – right in plain sight really – but nobody thinks anything of it. Shoeboxes at the top of a hall closet seem incredibly ordinary, and so I never have to worry about prying eyes.