So Many Real Sex Available, Why You Still Need Sex Toys?

Recently, one title attracted my eyes about " when the real sex is available for many people, why they still need the sex toys" when i browsed the web. In our daily life, sex is a common but essential need. Some said "I always use the prostate anal plug with my wife when we make love, especially, sometimes it is hard for her to get to the orgasm, at this time, i will get out of my rechargeable vibrators to help her. I like this sex toy very much and it is very useful. It can stimulate her vagina to achieve the orgasm.

Here, i would also tell you some other cases as follows

The First Case:

I never think to buy a sex toy for me to use until i get a Jewelry butt plug from "Super heavy weight and high quality ! One of my favorite purchases. Small and great for beginners. 100% recommend . Doesn’t feel or look cheap , anywhere else this exact thing would be super expensive !". I like this toy so much, and it can be re-used for many times. I cannot consider what should i do if i have no this anal plug.

The Second Case:

They don't talk, need to be cuddled or have you remember their anniversary I presume.

They always say yes.

I know my penis doesn't vibrate so there's that.

No jealous passive aggression. “Why don't you ask that 10 inch monstrosity that you bought last month if they want to go for a little ride?” “Mister Shower ran out of steam? Oops my battery is low!”

The Third Case:

Vibrator sex toy make sex more comfortable. I will never do sex things without sex toys, and i always buy sex toys on the internet when there are new products come into the market.

Rotating vibrator make you have a different kind of sexual experience. It’s like asking why pies exist when there is so much cake out there.

Just because you have someone to have sex with doesn’t mean sex is always available or that you have the opportunity.

Just because you have someone to have sex with doesn’t mean you always have time to have sex. Sex pocket pussy can be much faster.

Silicone penis can give you a sex pleasure in a totally different way. For instance, you will have no any stimulating feeling if you just masturbate your penis without any tools. Also. for some people, it is hard for some people to get to orgasm without any sex toys.

The Fourth Case:

Because they can bring more fun. The purpose of a sex toy is not always to exactly simulate the feel of sexual intercourse with another people, nor are they only to be used when one is unable to obtain ‘comfortable sex experience.’

For instance, a premium vibrator can make you feel more comfortable compared with a penis. Both can be enjoyable sensations on their own or when combined. A lot of people, including myself, use anal crystal dildo or other sex toys, like vibrating condom, masturbation toy pussy, love doll, anal wand, etc, with my sex partner during foreplay and/or sexual intercourse.

To be honest, it is very stimulating. What are you waiting for? Come on and try it.

The Fifth Case:

Because “Real sex” is not always available. There are a lot of people who can’t just snap their fingers and have a hot date ready to service them.

In any case, sometimes you just want a reliable orgasm, not the whole thing of having to shave your legs, find clean clothes, wear high heels and then endure dinner in a mediocre restaurant before you get to the mediocre sex.

And that guaranteed orgasm doesn’t come with a complicated dance comparing sexual history, birth control options and STI testing.

The Sixth Case:

I prefer real things to any fake things, no things can compete with real one.

However, it is totally not same for sex toys. As we all know, you cannot vibrate neither your fingers nor your penis, so why not buy her a thrusting vibrator?

What's more, i like being spanked, so his hand may fucking get pains after some time. So just get a rest.

You can't just start fucking in public square, toilet or dormitory, so why not choose a remote controlled vibrator then. He cannot accompany me all the time, so let me buy a vibrator sex toy right away

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