My Mate Found a Japanese Sex Toy Shop

Last week, one of my friend went to travel to Japan. She had a good time walking around the street and finding some interesting thing. Like the local culture, food, transportation or some other interesting things.

That day, when she went shopping in a local market, only to find there are some kinds of sex toys in the shelf. It is insane, the wold on the street make people feel totally amazing." In the end, she told me, with a twinkle in her eyes. After you see these all kinds of sex toys...Your eyes will blink

There are many kinds of sex toys are made for the reason of fitting. Male masturbator are made for these people who are still single, live alone, or for these people who need use it for flirting. For instance, silicone prostate vibrator combined with heating and vibrating functions to give you a comfortable feeling that you are enjoy a massage," says the The rolling head can make you feel just like there is a woman on the top. Sex toy pocket pussy make male feel as if they are finishing a task.

OHH, i am sure i am still young to use these sex toys.(My mom or teacher never introduce me these things like vibrating prostate dildo, prostate play toys, male g spot vibrator dildo, vibrant toy and so on. See more toys on the Japanese sex toy shop... if you are interested

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