WTF! Sex Toys Is So In Short Supply Nowadays
Nowadays, sex toys is available to almost everyone, eveywhere. Probably thousands of people ave already been using it, but i just discovered it, so i am going to claim it ad also name it: Comfortable thing.

The technology has been working well for me, but there are infinite applications. Virtually in any public space.

Say you work at a big university with lots of talky faculty members buzzing out. Now, say you need to use the restroom. The trip down the hall will take approximately one hour, because a person cannot walk into those talky people without getting pulled aside for a question, a bit of gossip, a new read on a certain line of Paradise Lost

So, sex toys. Any sex toys. Just buy it but don't use it. Hold the phone. Don't dial. Just hold that phone to your face and start talking. Walk confidently down the hall engaged in fake conversation, making sure to tailor both the topic and content to the person standing before you whom you are trying tio evade

For standard colleague avoidance, i suggest faking chatting about fake business

"Yes, i am glad you called, because we really need to hammer out the datails. What's that? Yes, i read the Page 12, but if you look at the bottom of 4, i think you can see the problem begins right here."

Be animated. Be engaged in your fake fone conversation. Make eye contact with the people passing, nod to them, gesture keen interest in talking to them at a later time. point to your sex toys, shug and move on.

Shoppers should consider fake foning anytime they spot a talky neighbor in the produce department pinching unripe peaches. Without your phone at your face, you would be in for a 20-min speech on how terrible the world is.

One important caution about fake foning. The other day i was fake foning my way past a colleague, and he was actually following me to get my attention. I knew he wanted to ask about a project i has not yet finished. I was trying to buy myself some time, so i continued fake foning with my doctor. "So i do not need the operation? Oh, that is my best news."

And then: Brrrrrng! Brrrrrng! Brrrrrng! My phone start ringing, right there while it was planted on my face. My colleague looked at me, and i at him, and naturally i gasped. "What is matter with my sex toys?" I said, pulling the sex toys away to look at it, and then putting it back to my ear

"Hello? Are you still here?' There are many products to choose from: p spot massager, stroker cup, small pocket pussy, silicone sex toys, silver bullet vibrator and so on.


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