What Are the Reasons of Masturbation?
Why more and more people choose to masturbate? Several reasons are all involved. First of all, masturbation can make you feel comfortable. We definitively know that. What's more, it can improve your sex life with some sex toys we like, just like women vibrator dildo, aneros prostate massager, realistic vagina male masturbators and so on, of course only you know what you like, thus you know how to get someone else to get you there. However, apart from that, you get comfortable letting go. By giving yourself permission to let go, with yourself, you are getting stimulating with that feeling of being out of control. Apart from feeling good, masturbating is good for you! Therefore, several reasons will be mentioned why you should choose to masturbate! Tips are to use your favorite sex toys!

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Masturbation helps you sleep! When you orgasm, your muscles contract and then completely relax, and your mind stops racing, as it’s whole focus is on the intensely good feelings happening in your body. So, you are able to be completely present in the euphoric moment (not stressing about the future or fixating on the past). And when you are in the moment, you are able to feel how sleepy you are, and you finally allow yourself to doze off.

Masturbating relieves cramps. By increasing blood flow to the pelvic area, stagnation is released, and cramps are relieved.

Masturbation minimizes UTIs. Because of the surge of hormones, blood flow and juices, you are flushing out old bacteria and keeping your pipes clean and healthy.

Masturbation helps control your orgasm during sex. If you tend to cum too quickly or soften frequently, masturbating may be your answer. You can learn how to control your timing with practice, and the best way to practice is solo. Masturbation strengthens your pelvic floor muscles, toning and strengthening the muscle, increasing your firmness.

Masturbation helps you relax. Just like the ease that comes over your mind and body allowing you to sleep at night, in the morning and during the day, your orgasm allows you to be totally present in your mind and body without the overlay of past and future stress and worry. It’s like pushing the delete button on your stress (or at least the pause button). Plus, orgasm helps lowers blood pressure and produces endorphins which ease stress.

Masturbating makes you happy. It releases dopamine and oxytocin, two reward neurochemicals in your brain that are similar to a drug high.

Masturbating makes you healthier! The cortisol that is released while ejaculating helps to regulate your immune system.

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After reading this post, you must know why you should choose to mastubate. At the same time, compared to hands, i thing you should prefer using sex toys, for example: pocket mouth sex toy, pussy and oral pocket pussy, men toys pussy, tenga male masturbator toys, pocket vibrant toy for women sex, etc,. which will bring you a comfortable and stimulating sex pleasure, which is hard to achieve by both hands. In my opinion, it is a great choice to choose sex toys when you are single, live alone or even married. Because sex toys can bring too many benefits than i can list here.

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