Do and Don't When You Need to Masturbate

Nowadays, as the life stress increase, more and more people keep single, or live alone. However, sex, as a kind of sex need, how to satisfy it? At this time, many people would choose to masturbate at night. Obviously, using sex toys can add up to much sex pleasure and make their sex life more stimulating. Some always masturbate to achieve body relax, calorie burning or physical solution by using all kinds of products. However, you had better use special masturbation tools to bring your relax. In this post, i would like to tell you what you should and shouldn't use when you need to masturbate. Hope it useful.

adult toy vibrator

A wooden hairbrush or kitchen tool
You may don't know that anything wooden has several unpleasant potential outcomes. It could splinter. No matter how smooth the wood seems, splintering is not uncommon, especially with exaggerated manual friction. I can’t even imagine getting a splinter that is lodged inside of my vagina! With the number of nerve endings inside of you, that pain is not something that anyone wants to tempt.

Over the immediacy of a splinter, there is the potential delayed result of airborne or hand-delivered bacteria that can cause harmful and painful urinary tract infections or yeast infections. Wood naturally sucks in anything that is placed on it. So, if you handle your wooden hairbrush with dirty hands, or if it is located near a toilet that is flushed without the seat down, there’s a high likelihood of infection-causing bacteria infesting the handle. Stick that thing inside of your warm, wet vagina, and you are risking transference. But you won’t know that you have an infection until several days later, so you won’t know to blame it on the brush.

Vibrating toothbrush
As we all know the vibration is similar to other vaginally designed vibrators, but there’s a big difference – the toothbrush goes in your mouth. So, in addition to the possibility of plaque or bacteria removed from your teeth residing on the brush, there’s also the issue of the sharp areas where the toothbrush is affixed to the handle, as well as the buttons. But what if you choose the bottom of the brush handle? That is the spot where bacteria and mold often collect. Trust me, you don’t want that inside of you.

A banana
Of couse yes, the shape of the banana is extremely ideal for insertion, neither edge of a banana peel is rounded and smooth. Both the top and the bottom are rigid and can easily cause cuts and bleeding inside of you. While in the moment, when you are jamming it in and out and enjoying the stimulation, you might not feel the tearing that is occurring. But once the pleasure is over, the pain will begin.


You just need a little pick-me-up, calm-me-down, make-me-moan NOW. And that’s exactly what this cute little finger vibrator clit massager does. Attach this little beauty to your finger and within, literally, seconds, you will likely feel your first (of many) orgasms rolling in. Plus, it’s colorful and makes you feel special every time you pull it out and turn yourself on.

Finger Vibrator Clit Massager

Butterfly Wearable Vibrator G Spot Clitoris Stimulator Massager

Clitoris Stimulator Massager

Butterfly wearable vibrator is the waterproof womens vibrator for adult. G Spot clitoris stimulator is the silicone womens toys adult, which is no any harm for your body. Womens massagers own 3 motor vibration, include multi-action for clitoris, vagina, g-spot and anus, and it can bring you a unforgetable experience. 10m wireless remote control design make this womens dildo become more unique.

Magic Wand AV Vibrator Sex Toy

Powerful magic wand is waterproof silicone sex toy for women. AV vibrator sex toy is G-spot clitoris massager for adult. You had better use it with some lubrication so as to you can have a more comfortable sex pleasure. AV vibrator sex toy is super silent waterproof sex toy, so you can use it more discreetly. 360 degree bending vibration is more convenient and labor-saving adult toy for women. Upgrade head design woman clitoris stimulator can make you easier to get to the orgasm.

Anyway, you must find you own masturbation way no matter what kind of toys you use. After all, it is best only when it fits you. But i still recommend you to use the above sex toys i mentioned. At the same time, it can also be used among couples. No one say you must use it alone.

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