Adult toys include BDSM toy, women lingerie, real 3d vagina and ass sex toy, realistic dildo, vibrating toys for women, cyberskin pocket pussy. It means you can use some auxiliary sex toy to help the adult get the sex pleasure. Not only it can add some sex pleasure, improve the sex quality, but bring the good improvement for your sex healthy

For example, women who is in menopausal can use adult products to keep their vagina flexible, avoid urinary incontinence and other diseases. And plus, some doctors will recommended that some women should use adult toys if they cannot reach the orgasm

Demand for the Crowd

-The main users of adult products

The first kind: the young people who have no sexual experience because they have not experienced sexual behavior. They are very curious with sex, As to the various sex patterns, many are they have never seen before. So they have more curiosity to use adult appliances to experience the feeling of sex.

The second kind: people who work outside for a long time or on a business trip. Their sexual partners are not around, and they do not want to have casual sex with the other people. As a result, they are also a group of people who use adult products. Seafarers on long voyages, miners who live alone, geologists who work in the field, etc. Sex products can also play a key role in reconciling the need for sex because of the frequent separation of spouses.

The third kind: the person that sexual life does not have fresh feeling: A lot of people think between husband and wife won't use these things. In fact, adult toys can improve sexual pleasure between husband and wife. For example: cock toys, clitoris vibrator, penthouse pocket pussy and mouth vagina masturbator and so on. One buyer who is aged 40 said :"Married for a long time, the life of a couple becomes boring. I want to use this to bring freshness to life, increase the relationship between a couple, and not make the sexual life boring."

The fourth kind: due to the differences of physiological structure between male and female, For the people with poor sexual desire in the sexual life, men reached and the woman has not reached orgasm. At this time, the woman can use adult products to assist the orgasm to make up for the man caused by the unpleasant; Another situation is that the man has strong sexual desire, while the woman is relatively indifferent to sex, such a man can also use sex products, like male masturbator to solve the sexual needs. Of course, some women take the initiative to buy such products for their boyfriend.

The 5th kind: For the old-aged husband and wife, the decline of sexual function is inevitable. However, that doesn't mean old people cannot live sexual life. For the old man, the body enters old age but sexual function still exists, so we cannot ignore old people also have sexual demand. Many older men in their 70s and 80s are still able to impregnate their younger wives, while older women have lost their reproductive function but are fully capable of having sex. Therefore, as long as we maintain a good state of mind, establish a corresponding sex life pattern with age, the elderly can also enjoy adult products to bring happiness.

The sixth kind: the products is a good blessing for the disabled, there are also a lot of people for a variety of reasons did not get married, especially the disabled people, because many disabled people can not live a normal life, although their physical disability, but the physical needs are not the slightest reduction. Adult simulators can be used to meet physiological needs.

Use Guide

Abuse of adult products hurts the body

With the change of people's sexual concept, adult products gradually become a kind of daily necessities to meet people's normal physiological needs and improve the quality of life. The number of people using sex products in our daily life is increasing, and the acceptance of sex products in society is increasing.

It is reported that the annual sales of sex products have reached more than 10 billion piece in the world. More than 93% of adults have accepted family planning and sex products. Among middle-aged men, 84 percent had bought sex toy. Although people's acceptance of sexual products is becoming higher and higher, but many people's cognition and use of sexual products is not correct

Cleaning of adult products

When cleaning adult products, the following problems need to be avoided

1. Use alcohol disinfection. Alcohol can be highly corrosive to soft and fragile sex toys, while low alcohol can't disinfect them.

2. Use boiled water to disinfect. Although there are high-grade products are not afraid of hot water. But most products age easily after being boiled. The correct way is to rinse with warm water and wash with professional disinfectant

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