What types of adult products are there?

There are hundreds of adult stores of in the market, but they can be grouped into several categories:

Local Anesthetic

With all sorts of "divine oil" be a representative, its action principle is besmear the local mucous membrane after glans anaesthesia action reduces the sensitivity of external genital, raise the stimulation intensity that stimulates ejaculation thereby (threshold value), prolong sexual intercourse time.

For patients with premature ejaculation caused by hypersensitivity of penile skin and glans mucous membrane, this is a good treatment. But if premature ejaculation is caused by a central nervous disorder and the brain's tolerance for a threshold level of sexual arousal, the drugs have little effect.

Reinforcing stimuli

Such as glans coronal groove ring (with a protruding stimulator elastic ring, fixed in the glans below the coronal groove), penis coat (multi-use silicone material, can 'increase, lengthen' penis, more with protruding stimulator), with protruding stimulator condoms and so on. Their role is to increase, enhance the stimulation of the vagina, so that women more easily reach orgasm.


This kind of product is suitable for sexual excitement is insufficient, or postmenopausal woman. It lubricates the vagina and reduces discomfort and even pain during intercourse. It is also suitable for women who have little sexual experience and are too nervous to get enough sexual excitement. It can make women easily get used to and adapt to penis insertion.

Masturbation Products

There are two kinds of masturbation products. That is for men's and women's, and they are good substitutes for men and women who lack sexual partners. As we have said, the sexual impulse is an energy, and it is better to release it in a suitable way than to suppress it painfully.

Auxiliary and Therapeutic Instruments

Such as negative pressure or vacuum treatment apparatus. It used negative pressure or vacuum principle, make the penis passive congestive, erect and treat impotence. Personally, I think, one of its major shortcomings is in the penis congestion, enlargement at the same time causing obstruction of the return of penis blood, causing penis congestion. In the congestion, capillaries will be due to lack of oxygen and expansion, exudation, non-specific inflammatory reaction, long-term down is easy to cause fibrosis of the penis spongy body, irreversible pathological impotence. Please think carefully before using it.


The world's only real aphrodisiac drug is derived from an insect known in Hong Kong as the Spanish fly. Its action principle is to take hind rapid course urethral education, stimulate urethral mucous membrane, stimulate signal to transmit sexual organ at the same time, trigger sexual desire. And I found that some sex shops in mainland China sell "aphrodisiacs" that are hormonal or neurostimulants! Misuse of these drugs can harm your health. Be careful. I personally do not support the use of drugs to carry out "aphrodisiac", sex is a pure natural instinct, if you have to rely on drugs to maintain "sexual interest" is the worst choice, there is no meaning.


For example, there are some products can enhance sex desire. Just like: blow job toy, clarisonic facial massager, plantar fasciitis roller massager,etc

Blow job toyPlantar fasciitis roller massager

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