Women States: They Need Adult Toys Most at This Time
You must be feel tired if you have sex with your partners for a long time, then, why don't you consider to improve sex pleasure by adult toys? Do you know what is the best adult toys between couples? What need to be attended when using these toys? Today, let me tell you the secret

Sex harmony, to a great extent, affects the stability of relationship between couples, especially for those "old couples". Boredom of sex life share a great proportion in weaken relationship between couples. However, if you wanna more passionate sex, sex toys will lead an important role. At this time, so you really know how to use sex toys so that it can become more effective?

In terms of pure sensory stimulation, sex experts agree that sex toys do have "addictive appeal", but that it is a bit of a drama to say it can make us become "addictive". Because our person is not the animal that controlled by flesh desire only. We people have feeling, besides the pleasant sensation of the body, pursue the satisfaction of our soul, which is the icy sex products cannot feed up with.

Conversely we can say, couples relationship is better, affective satisfaction is higher. At some time, using sex toys not only won't have bad interference, still can strengthen the quality of sexual life and interests. If you give each other sex products, stimulation will be further increased.

Using Adult Toys When Needed

On the flip side, in order to prevent the abuse of adult toys, we had better follow the principle of "need". Sex experts explain: One, using it for these people who need it. Such as the people who live another place with their husband or wife, widowed, disabled people and the people who has some problems with their sex partner, can be used as a supplement for their daily sexual requirements; Second, "Use it when needed".

Adult products are not necessities for life, But if they are taken out and played with from time to time, the body will become less and less sensitive to the stimulation, thus becoming more and more demanding to the stimulation. Not only it is bad for the body, but the mental condition may also be worse and worse.

At the same time, when you use adult products between couples, you had better care about if they share the same desire. If one partner wants to use it, but the other hates it, or has not consulted the other, using it reluctantly is self-defeating. For example, some men may buy for their wife, but their wife maybe think it is not easy to refuse, but they dont wanna use it, so the wife may imagine things, which will endanger the couple's relationships. What is more, " some men think it's okay for men to use adult products, but they often become angry when they catch their wives or girlfriends secretly using them.

Sex experts say that despite the fact that it's a couple, how to express your sex desire is still a matter of personal privacy. Allow your partner to have some freedom, not force him or her to listen to you. So, when a husband sees his wife secretly using sex toys, he should understand her, even if he feels angry, insecure and guilty. At last, they both should discuss the reason of sexual life disharmony, undertake proper recuperation. Only the correct use of these adult products, can make the quality of sex between men and women can be effectively improved, if blindly used, will only make the sex between couples worse. So, take some measurement properly


1. Condoms, you must attend the size and the functions when you purchase, just buy these which is fit you most. Not because some products at a discount what is not suitable for your own using, such as some brand of condoms are suitable for 20 years of age or less, so choose a suitable for your own is very important.

2. When purchasing sex toys, you should not blindly seek excitement or cheap, but ignore the importance of materials, or the quality of sex toys will cause accidents or physical damage to you or your partner. For example, the use of male penis ring for too long, will lead to cell necrosis, prostate disease and other phenomena. In addition, the male vibrator for adult or cock ring which has a bad material is easy to be broken or fall off. And plus, masturbator is updated more quickly, thus male masturbator has more functions than other sex toys. So when purchasing, we must consider more, just not self-defeating!

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