Why You Are Always Impulsive When Buying Sex Toys

Are you a compulsive spender, or do you hold on to your money as long as possible? Are you a bargain hunter? Would you rather use charge accounts than pay cash? Your answers to these questions will reflect your personality. According to psychologist, our individual money habits not only show our beliefs and values, but can also stem from past problems.

However, as a reports says, many people would buy sex toys when they view the website without caring too much on money. Because in their mind, sex is to them what cloth is to body. We even cannot live well without sex toys.

Experts in psychology believe that for many people, sex is an important symbol of strength and influence. Husbands who complain about their wives' spending habits of sex toys may be afraid that they are losing power in their sex love. Wives, on the other hand, may waste huge of money because they are angry with their husband. In addition, many people consider sex as a symbol of love. They spend it on many kinds of sex toys to improve their sex desire and solve their sex needs, or they even buy themselves expensive sex dolls when their husband or wife has sex frigidity because they need sex love.

People can be addicted to different sex toys. For example, realistic suction dildo, silicone prostate vibrator, anal dildo prostate, huge vibrator, vibrating condom, etc. People who have such an addition are impulsive; that is they have a very powerful psychological need that they feel they must satisfy. According to psychologists, many people are compulsive facing up to sex. This compulsion, like most others, is irrational, impossible to explain reasonably. For some compulsive spender, they even use the sex toys everyday, here, i would like to recommended you must control it. Because appropriate use of sex toys can improve you healthy, satisfy your sex needs and make you feel not that alone. However, if you use it too frequently, it will harm your body. So, int he long run, you much learn to how to use the sex toy.

Here, in this post, i would like to introduce to you some kinds of see toys. Hope it useful

1. Big Ass Lifelike Soft Silicone Sex Dolls Male Maturbator

Soft Silicone Doll is soft and stretchy realistic vagina male masturbators. Big ass toy is the waterproof realistic ultra soft men extreme sex toys. Pussy stroker adopt ABS and pure medical silicone material, so it is just like a real one. Super real channels can make you feel more comfortable with the pleasure


Realistic 3D vagina, tighten and compact pellets, give men marvelous experience
Use water-based lube for easy and enjoyable entry
SUPERIOR MATERIAL - Made of non-toxic ABS and pure medical silicone, no bad smell.
Double soft private area,double pleasure, delicate juicy

2. Multi Speed Pussy Sex Toy Slim Prostate Massager

Penis vibrator is the waterproof clitoris massger, sex toy massager for men women. Personal massager can be used as vibrating clitoris, penis glans and anal stimulation. Pink vibrator is popular among couple, solo, lesbian, sex apathy. Prostate vibrator can be controlled remotely up to 10m to 15m. Heating function make you feel a more comfortable feeling


1. The massager has kinds of powerful but quiet vibration patterns to satisfy your personal need and let you feel more spiritual to enjoy life!

2. Play in the bedroom, living room or bath, maximumly satisfy your enjoyment.
Wireless remote control distance up 10m to 15m, perfect match let you enjoy anywhere anytime.

3. 100% MEDICAL GRADE SILICONE - Made from the safest high quality material, it is latex free, phthalate free and hypoallergeni

4. Built in Li-ion battery, recharged through USB magnetic attraction, IP67 waterproof allow you to enjoy in bathtub or swimming pool.

3. Male Cock Ring Vibrating Sex Tool

Cock toy has the features of heating, vibrating, massaging. Cock ring is the waterproof sex toys for couples.


Material: Silicone,
Item Type: double cock rings
Color :Black
Functions: heating, vibrating

More sex toys are waiting to be explored......

Psychologists often use a method called "behavior therapy" to help individuals solve their personality problems. At the same time, they can help people who feel that they have problems with sex toys.

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