Why Women Sex Toys Are Becoming More and More Hot?

Traditionally, women has tagged behind men in adoption of Internet technologies, but a study released yesterday found that women under age 65 now outpace men in Internet usage. The report, "How Women and Men Use the Internet," examined use by both sexes, looking at what men and women are doing online as well as their rate of adopting new Web-based technologies. "I think the real interesting store is the young women, because that is the one age cohort where there are many more women online," said Deborah Fallows, who wrote the report based on findings from surveys conducted over the past five years. "The younger women are just much more comfortable with the Internet." The report found that 86 percent of women ages 18 to 29 were online, compared with 80 percent of men in the same age group. Among African Americas, 60 percent of women are online, compared with 50 percent of men.

In other age groups, the disparity is only slight, with women outpacing men by 3 percentage points. However, among the older group, those age 65 and older, 34 percent of men are online, compared with 21 percent of women. It is enough of a disparity. Fallows said, to keep men in the overall lead in Internet usage, 68 percent to 66 percent. Men tend to use the Web for information and entertainment-getting sports scores and stock quotes and downloading music, while women tend to be heavier users of mapping and direction services, and communication services such as e-mail. And, in general, men are more likely to be early adopters of technology than women, the survey found.

Anyway, there are more and more women are approaching the Internet. Therefore, it is convient for you to use it to buy things. In this post, i would like to introdcue to you the relationship between sex toys and online shopping. One side, more and more sex toys for women are coming to the market, at the same time, many women would chosoe their own sex toys on the internet. Here, i would like to introduce some sex toys for women. Hope it useful.

1. Soft Male Mastubration Cup For Men With Realistic Skin

You can try the different positions to meet your sex desire by this sex toys pocket pussy

Use water-based lubricant for easy and enjoyable hole

SUPERIOR MATERIAL - Made of non-toxic ABS and pure medical silicone, no bad smell.

Double soft private area, double pleasure, delicate juicy. You can use them as the same time to enjoy a more comfortable feeling

2. USB Suction Pump Heating Telescopic Dildo Gun

*7 telescopic and 7 swing vibration

*Waterproof desing can make you use this soft penis toy when you take a shower

*You can use soft dildo realistic to stimulate the vagina, anus, breast

*Intelligent heaing can make you have a flying sex experiece

*Quiet design make on one know what are you doing. So please do not worry to use it anytime, anywhere

3. 10 Vibration Wand Vibator Sex Toy For Women

Replaceable battery, the silicone sex toy can be used individually.

100% waterproof, waterproof seal can be used for shower

Silicone vibrator is made from body safe medical silicone material, great silky smooth silicone feel so it feels exceptional while it touches

When you feel tired, depressive, much working pressure or muscle pains after sports, just turn on a music, have a deep breath and enjoy body massage for overall relaxation and excitement.

4. Automatic High Speed Male Masturbator

This male masturbator is the soft penis toy. Stroker toys men sex is the multi-thrusting silicone sex toy. This pocket rocket vibrator adopt automatic design, so you can release your hands in total. Sex toy masturbator is widely used in every alone night for many single people


Type: stroker cup
Usage: For men use
Features: Multi-Thrusting, Skin-friendly soft,
Frequency: 280 times per min
Noise: Less than 50 d
Material: Silicone
Charge: Magnetic pole charge
size: 240mmX90mm

Last, you know there are a lot of relationship between hot sale sex toy and women online. If you are interested in these sex toys i mentioned above, you can see more news on our website

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