Why Everyone Should Own a Sex Toy and What is the Reason of it?

When we talk about sex toys with someone, we would be unscrupulous if we talk with our friends. For example, we would discuss with them about the functions and features, or usages. But if we talk with some strangers, we would always keep silence even if other people speak of it first.

However, there is a key aspect in our sex life we would not always pay too much attention on it, what is it? I would not skip that sex health aspect. Today, i just would like to talk about sex toys.

Sex toys are fantastic. Sex toys are useful. Sex toys are magnificent. In fact, every single consenting adult should be the proud owner of a sex toy. Now, i guess it is time for you to ask the reasons of it. Let me tell you the reasons.

With the popularity of shows like Sex And The City and the Fifty Shades books, sex toys have become part of popular culture. People do not regard it as some dirty things. On the country, people think it can bring much benefits to their sex life.

They have become more normalized and accessible to an audience that may not have previously considered them. Let’s not forget just how easy online shopping makes stocking up on a range of sex toys discreetly these days.

using a prostate vibrator

Using sex toys is not new any more, and the first recorded use of sex toys can even goes all the way back to Ancient Greece.

However, even if in 2017, we still cannot see sex toys in all major retailers; only in specialist erotic shops.

Sex blogger Girl On The Net has noticed that despite society’s growing openness towards talking about sex and masturbation, this hasn’t been embraced by businesses:

"Ironically, the only places that seem to be getting more regressive when it comes to sex things are the big businesses and platforms themselves…

So just as society is starting to overcome the taboo around sex, business fires it back up again. Sex is as much a part of my life as food and drink is.

You can buy fancy cooking gadgets in John Lewis, why shouldn’t you pick up the latest vibrator there too?"

Although you may cannot get all the sex toys in weadultshop, but i promise you may get almost all your favorite toys on this shop. For example: vibrating prostate toy, dildos and vibrators, g spot vibrator, vibrator sex toy, silicone pussy deluxe toy for men sex, etc,. So you can definitely use this shop to collect some items for you or your partner. I promise you will get a toy you like.

However, there is one important aspect you need to attend, buying a sex toy doesn't mean you just explore some new sex pleasure, and plus, you can find more pleasure from your own body.

There are various kinds of sex toys to choose from:

There is no greater way to learn about what turns you on, makes you feel good and, more importantly, orgasm than spending some time with a toy of your choice.

For men, studies suggest that masturbation decreases the risk of prostate cancer, and for women, it can ease body aches and menstrual cramps. Plus, it sets you up for a great sleep. At the same time, using prostate massages can cure some prostate diseases. There are so many prostate massagers to choose from. For example: prostate milking vibrator, prostate stimulation machine, vibrating anal toys for men, prostate stimulation dildo, butt plug wand massager and so on. So just remember, choose one right one when you need to buy.

using a prostate vibrator

Metro blogger Zoe Yvonne Delaney believes that the benefits of sex toys aren’t just limited to solo use, but are great when used in a relationship to give things a new twist:

"1. I bought one sex toy masturbator several days ago, and it help me to satisfy my sex need effectively, and now i think i do not need a real girl any more, thanks this sex toy.

2. My wife is not satisfied at my sex time, so we bought one realistic suction cup dildo, it can improve our sex life."

Despite we all know the benefits of sex toys, there is still a taboo around using sex toys that stops us from openly talking about it. But i think it make no difference. Come on, get your own sex toys and enjoy it.

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