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Recently, i found that there are more and more people are searching the key words about "prostate massager", Like: anal sex toys, best way to masturbate, how to use a prostate massager, different ways to masturbate and so on. So i decide to collect some related data about prostate massager and write this post. What's important is that one of my customers asked me "what's is the best prostate massager" several days ago. So, now i will post it here and hope it useful for our customers.

Before our topic, i would like to share with you a prostate massager i bought several days ago.

Vibrating Prostate Massager Sex Toy Vibrator In Ass

First: Size

This is a little thing, oh, size is very good, and the thickest place is the head when entering. And plus, the head body is about 3cm more. You will not have any ache feeling when use it. Why we cannot feel ache, maybe it is a lipstick? A prostate vibrator that doesn't accumulate dust - NEXUS REVO3 prostate Massager (I've used it for myself). It is a big one.

And the part is about 10 centimeters that goes into the body, plus a very ergonomic angle design, and then it's basically right point when entering.

A little bit of position adjustment and the opening of the body is enough to get us down to the spot. It's a great relief. A great prostate massager without dust.

Second: Material

Medical silicone and ABS material. It feels great and are not as cheap as the other scum outside.

Third: Convenience

Remote-control design, within 5M ~ super convenient ~~ Don't even need to twist the switch to press it ~ A prostate dildo that won't get dust - NEXUS REVO3 Prostate Massager (with personal testing)

Those remote control anal toys for men with wires... Don't want to ridicule, they are easy to get dirty and bad storage.

Fourth: Functions

2 RPM rotation speed+7 RPM vibration, how do you want to play?

Generally speaking. there are two main prostate massagers on the market - manual or automatic.

Manual prostate massage toy is generally not comfortable to that point. And manual one is really comfortable, but my fingers are so tired.

General automatic prostate massagers own vibration function. There are three main vibration modes. 1. Full apparatus vibration 2 deep body part vibration 3 perineal part vibration.

Warm Tips:

Many patients choose to use prostate massager, when prostate gland asix enter into the anus, you will have a foreign body sensation at the beginning, at this time, you had better do some breathing exercises. First, breathe slowly, and stay for a few seconds, then slowly exhale, relax and concentrate on the stimulating parts, breathe in accordance with the above ways for 10 minutes, and then the foreign body sensation will fade away.

Keep Using the Prostate Massager, but Not Too Frequently

When patients with prostate disease master the use of prostate massagers gradually, they may "love" prostate massagers. This way of massaging prostate combined with traditional oral therapy can not only improve the effect of treatment and nutrition, but also accelerate the recovery of prostate diseases; What's more, it can also be used to maintain the prostate gland better and reduce recurrence after recovery. In addition, when the patients massage prostate, they still can obtain anus sex pleasure, and experience another kind of orgasms.

Although prostate massagers are becoming more and more popular with patients, it is important to be cautious in purchasing them. After all, prostate massagers contact the human body directly, so whether the patient can use it safely is particularly important. Generally speaking, good material, fine technology and scientific design are the three main standards of high-end prostate massager (patients can refer to the following prostate massagers which are hot sale). In short, only a good prostate massager associated with a good oral medicine, can prostate disease recover as soon as possible.

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1. Silicone Waterproof G Point Stimulate Prostate Massager Anal Vibrator Sex Toy

Prostate massager is waterproof silicone butt plug for men. Vibrator sex toy with cock ring can make you more comfortable when you use it, and it can stimulate your orgasm and prolong your sex time more effectively. Waterproof silicone anal vibrator is anal dildo vibrator sex toy for men.


Type: Anal Sex Toys Model

Helps control return blood flow to maintain

Erection for longer

Material: Silicone

Color : Black

Weight: 117g

Size: 100*85mm/3.94*3.35inch

Power: 1× AAA Battery(Not Included)

Frequency: Multispeed Vibration

Note: Due to the measurement method, measuring instruments, there will be a little different error. Allows ± 2cm error


1× Prostate Massager Anal Vibrator

2. Male Prostate Massage Vibrator Anal Plug Silicone Waterproof Prostata Stimulator Butt Delay Ejaculation Ring Toy

Male prostate massage sex toy is waterproof anal plug for men. Silicone vibration butt plug with cock rings can make you use it for double purposes. Vibrator anal plug is 9 vibration modes sex toy. Ergonomic design make it can stimultate your prostate, anus, perineum simuteousy. Also, this vibrating prostate plug with plug penis ring can be controlled remotely. USB charging prostate toy sex product make it more easy to use


1. Materials: medical grade silicone + ABS + Acrylic
2.Battery capacity: lithium battery 3.7V/420mAh
3. Mode: 9 vibration modes + controlled bythe wireless remote controller
4. Charging time: 2H
5. Working hours: 1-2H
6.Charging mode: USB charging
7. Maximum noise: less than 40 decibels
8. Waterproof grade: IPX7 /2M Waterproof and Washable
9.Remote controlled range:10m/ 32.8 foot

3. Anus Backyard Beads Anal Balls G Spot Super Long Anal Plug Prostata Massage Sex Toy

Anus backyard beads is water proof silicone butt plug for women men. Prostate massage sex toy is healthy PVC long beads anal plug. Long best male g spot toy is prostate toy sex for women men. G spot stimulating anal plug can be used flirting sex toy


Material: Health PVC
Type: super long anal beads soft butt plug
Size: as picture shown, 2 size choose
Color: flesh/black (optional)

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How to Use a Prostate Massager?

Nowadays, more and more patients with prostate diseases do not rely on traditional oral products any more, and begin to pay attention to the use of topical products, among which the prostate massager is a hot one. According to a person in charge of the introduction, there are many people consult "how to use prostate massager" every day. So, how to use a prostate massager correctly for these people who are standing for prostate disease? The author consulted to a doctor with some related questions specially for the prostate disease patient reference.

8 steps: How to Use Prostate Massager Correctly?

Many patients with prostate disease think that as long as the prostate massager was bought to home, you can directly use. Actually, no, doctor told the author, due to the appearance of the prostate massager structure is more complex, patients with prostate disease must follow the correct steps carefully so as not to cause unnecessary damage to their prostate massager. In general, there are eight steps to use a prostate massager:

1. Empty bowels;

2. Wash the prostate massager with warm water and antibacterial soap, rinse with clean hot water, and dry with a towel or soft cloth gently;

3. Use water-soluble lubricant to moisten the anus and insert the prostate massager into the anus;

4. Lie on your side, curl your legs to your chest, and relax your sphincter fully;

5. Gently insert the male anal vibrator into the anus in accordance with the curve of the body. Do not use brute force. In the middle of insertion, contract the sphincter, push the handle, and the prostate massager will be slided to the prostate part automatically.

6. Breathe slowly, contract the sphincter and push the handle gently. Release the sphincter as you exhale, and lift the handle.

7. Massage prostate for 10-30 minutes, it is better to expel prostatic fluid from the urethra every time (if there is no drainage, it is not necessary to force). After the massage, it is recommended to urinate immediately;

8. After use, wash the prostate massager again with warm water and antibacterial soap, rinse it with clean hot water, and gently dry it with a towel or soft cloth. After drying, it is suggested to put the anal massager in a flannel bag or dustproof bag and put it in a cool and dry place

More will be updated soon……

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