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Before we start all today's topic, i wanna tell you more information about vibrator. Vibrators has its long history. As we all know, the vibrators was invented by a doctor in the late 1800s who needed a break from using his hands to manually induce “hysterical paroxysms.” Yes, that’s right – women suffering from “hysteria,” a mysterious diagnosis that lumped in such symptoms as “gregariousness,” “sexual desire,” and “emotionality” to indicate that almost any existence for women outside of traditional stereotypical characteristics was pathological.

Perhaps until today, sex toys are still a topic of privacy and incomprehensibility for women. Even if sex is no longer a taboo topic, and most women have solutions to their physiological needs, people still sexually talk about sex toys represented by vibrator. In 2011, the film "Hysteres", based on the true story- the history of vibrator, was released. In the play, Maji Gyllenhaal, the female host of a Victorian feminist youth, also said in an interview: "I I have filmed many movies with an explicit bed, but this film has once again challenged my bottom line. I just think that the vibrator can bring people an innate flaw. For most people, this is not the case. They kind of things that they will show off everywhere after they buy them. No one talks about this, it is still a secret, so it is very difficult to play. Imagine that women did not have the right to vote a hundred years ago, but they can go to the doctor. The clinic asked them to masturbate themselves!

The hidden shame feeling associated with sex toys did not exist at the beginning of the vibrator's invention. Before the 20th century, the medical profession generally believed that women did not have sexual desire, and the symptoms of Victorian women who were not released due to sexual desire, including neurasthenia, fatigue, anxiety and depression, would be crowned by doctors. The name of the "hysteria". According to the book "The technology of orgasm" published by the famous sexologist Rachel Maines in 1999, the disease was first recorded in 450 BC, and it has never been resolved for centuries, and it was not until the 19th century that it began to explore. Thus, when a decent British aristocratic woman in the Victorian era experienced the troubles caused by hysteria, she would turn to the doctor and seriously accept a treatment called “pelvic massage”. The end point is "hysterical paroxysm". Today we call it “clinical orgasm”, but at the time, British doctors who invented pelvic massage did not know that they were hunger and thirst in a scientifically rigorous manner day after day. They are engaged in masturbation activities. Even if female private masturbation was still banned at the time, it was generally accepted as a medical activity. This career, which seems to be very attractive today, is actually not as happy as it sounds. Doctors are sore because they have to receive too many patients every day. Even if they use ice, they can't completely relieve the pain. Later, people invented a hand-cranking device to ease the burden on doctors.

The movement of mechanical devices has greatly improved the problem of shoulder strain of doctors, but it still cannot completely solve the increasing demand of more and more patients. In the steam era, a doctor, names George Taylor, advanced with the times and invented the first steam-driven physiotherapy massage bed in human history. The patients sat on a round bed and relied on the metal ball of the steam vibrator to get treatment. The original vibrating bar prototype was born. As Tanya Wexler, director of Hysteria, said, “At the beginning of the birth of the orgasm, people are constantly trying to get others get to the climax. And the funny thing is that modern vibrators are invented to reduce the workload."

If the huge steam-driven massage bed still does not allow women to solve their physical problems anytime anywhere, then after the second industrial revolution, Dr. Joseph Granville turned to a friend who was interested in electrical appliances. The first "Granville Electric Hammer" of the invention may have truly epoch-making significance. This portable vibrator that can be placed in a small suitcase is so small that doctors and patients can treat it anytime, anywhere, which is a great liberation for doctors' miserable fingers and arms. For women at the end of the 19th century, self-acquisition of sexual pleasure gradually entered family life. The release of sexual desire is no longer a serious medical process that can be completed in the clinic (although in this process doctors and patients have a lot of unspeakable relationships), they can make this industrial civilization a wonderful and great invention. Put it in a small suitcase and take it home to complete this pleasant activity in a private and uninhabited personal space. Perhaps the vibrator has solved the embarrassing relationship between the incompetent husband and his wife with its powerful healing ability, or it may make some men's life-saving self-esteem even more nowhere, but in any case, it will greatly improve the family. The daily life of housewives and aristocratic ladies, whether emotional or physical.

In 1899, the first battery-powered vibrator appeared. By the beginning of the 20th century, with the continuous development of science and technology, the design of vibrating sticks has become increasingly sophisticated, and Freud's division of female orgasm has made the so-called "hysterical" statement completely a thing of the past. The development of the theory of sex has not really made people psychologically affirm the sexual pleasure, but has cast a layer of wonderful shame on the orgasm. Women naturally no longer go to the clinic to find a doctor to solve their physiological demands, but the vibrator began to become a more secret personal item. In the advertisements of the 1920s and 1930s, more vibrators and hair dryers were classified as one type, and they were sold as a healthy whole body massager. The illustrations were always painted with a vibrator to relax the women shoulders. There is even a good helper in the advertisement to introduce the vibrator as a sewing machine, which is called "aids that every woman needs". The ad of vibrators seems to always be cleverly associated with the beauty, health, or virtues of the female image. However, through the mysterious and meaningful smile on the leaflet, everyone knows what the hair dryer looks like. What is it for? The sales of the vibrators are unprecedented, and the women buy the squeaky gadgets back home according to the advertisements, without hiding them in places that the husband can't see. The relationship between the 20th century women and their women vibrator seems to be much more legitimate than the current vibrator advertisements that repeatedly emphasize how small the product is, how difficult it is to shape, and how easy it is to hide.

By the 1960s, with the advancement of feminist movements and scientific knowledge, doctors and sex therapists began recommending women to use vibrators, including massagers and electric toothbrushes. Betty Dodson began to educate women about the importance of sexual health in the late 1960s and talked about the fact that vibrators and related technologies can play a positive role in balancing many heterosexual relationships. Although vibrators and dildo have not changed their purpose and function in the late 1960s and early 1970s, some models have made advances in plastic technology, and their shape and appearance have become more elegant. And sleek, not only improves the experience of using the effect, but also makes people seem to have an illusion: the ambiguity between the human and the reproductive organs of human beings. The realistic form and touch of a real dildo is unimaginable in the Victorian era. The vibrator is completely rid out of the ice shapeand has become a sex toy that meets the physiological and psychological needs of women from beginning to end. During this period, the vibrators market began to rise in Japan, and one of the most popular masturbation devices, the Hitachi Magic Wand, was packaged with advertisements for elbow and shoulder massage, sold under “standard health care use”. Therefore, it is possible to make free trade in the place where the vibrators is distributed for the purpose of the so-called "evil" such as "the business of preventing or mitigating sexual stimulation and self-pornography" in Albania. But George Taylor's 1869 device can not.

Perhaps it is due to the sorrow or fear of the“sexual self-stimulation", or perhaps, because of the disparity in power between the vibrator itself and the male genitalia. It was introduced in the 1970s and 1990s. Legislative measures prohibite the sale of vibrators, such as the 1969 Kansas drafting legislation prohibited the sale of “designed or sold penis or artificial vagina, mainly used to stimulate the human reproductive organs, except for the treatment of equipment that is transmitted or promoted for medical or psychological purposes”, and It was abolished in 1990. Georgia adopted Articles 16-12-80(c) on this issue in 1975. The Texas Code No. 43.2 1 was passed in 1977, prohibiting the sale of “devices designed primarily to stimulate the design and sale of human genital organs” because it is illegal to have “six or more obscene devices or the same or similar obscene articles”. . In the same year, Nebraska legislation stipulated that any “article or device appearing in male or female genitalia” clearly reflected the appearance of the sexual organ rather than its function. Louisiana passed the "Loss Code" section 14.106.1 in 1985, prohibiting the sale of "artificial penis or artificial vagina mainly used to stimulate the design or sale of human genital organs", but was also abolished in 2000.

Today, a series of sex toys represented by vibrator are no longer considered to be savage beasts. However, this does not mean that men and women can truly accept their existence without any fluctuations. Even if contemporary women have triumphed on the road to sexual liberation, masturbation is still a topic that is different from habitual behavior, full of hidden colors and shame, although it is partly a part of the majority's family life, and vibrators are also a member of common small household appliances. Although it is difficult to accurately describe the relationship between women’s desires in contemporary families and their carefully hidden sex toys, it is certain that no one will be as simple as a Victorian young woman. Seriously to treat the "hysteria" for yourself.

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