The 9 Most Popular Women Vibrators in 2019

The knowledge of women vibrator has undergone a big transformation in the past several years, now when we talk about the sex toys for women, we won't regard it as any weird things. Although we have come a long way from misunderstanding, discrimination, despise to understanding, now everything comes to light. You can find anything you like on the internet with the click of a mouse

On the condition that you you have some knowledge about the origination of women vibrator, you would know that women vibrators start from steam and water powered sex machines. The first electromechanical vibrator did not come out until electricity hit in the late 1800s. At the same time, women start to buy their own women vibrator for themselves when the advertisement shows. Nowadays, almost everyone accept it. Because you know… it is indispensable for women's physiological needs

Women choose to use the women vibrator has a variety of benefits in science. For example, improve the sleep and your healthy, reducing the stress from the work and life. Also, you can use it to massage your body to reduce the menstrual pan, so that make you feel more comfortable. With the development of science and technology, remarkable changes have taken place in our life. More and more features and functions are added up to women vibrator, so it is become more and more popular and useful. Like heating, frequency, and design, how can you refuse to use it. Here, i would like to introduce to you the most 5 women vibrator in our online shop:

1. We-vibe G-spot Clitoris Massage


Material: Medical Silicone
Commodity Quality Certification: ce
Material: Silicone+ABS. No any harm to your body
Design: Ergonomic. C Type
Feature: G Spot Vibrator, Clitoral stimulation, prostate massager
Color: Pink / Purple
Waterproof: 100% waterproof (vibrator)

Type: Wearable vibrator
Size: As the pic shows
Motor: Dual Motor
Vibration mode: 7 kinds of vibration
Charging: USB Rechargeable

2. G-spot Anus Clitoris

Color: Light Purple, Rose Red, Dark Purple
Material: Silicone
Size: 11.5cm X 9cm X 3cm
Waterproof: Yes
Functions: Massager, arm, shoulder, back, waist, leg.
Features: G-spot, anus irritation, clitoris stimulation
Vibration mode: 9 kinds vibration modes, 7 vibration modes
Charging: USB quick charging
Remote control power: 1 x CR2032 button battery(Included)
Heating temperature: 38 Celsius

3. Double-head Clitoris Massager

5 Amazing Vibration Modes
Surprisingly Versatile Clitoris G Spot Stimulator
3 High Frequency Vibration modes
Dual Powerful Motor, Get unbelievable Sex Climax in 90 seconds

4. Clitoral Stimulation Wearable Vibrator


5. Wearable Vibrator for Clitoris

10 Strong Vibration Modes
15-20M Remote Control
Soft Material
Invisible Wearable Vibrator
Popular women vibrator

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