Sex Toys Come into the Market with New Features and Functions

Since the dawn of human ingenuity, people have devised ever more cunning tools to cope with work that is dangerous, boring, burdensome, or just plain nasty. That compulsion has resulted in robotics - the science of conferring various human capabilities on machines. And if scientists have yet to create the mechanical version of science fiction, they have begun to come close.

As a result, the modern world is increasing populated by intelligence gizmos whose presence we barely notice but whose universal existence has removed much human labor. Our factories hum to the rhythm of robot assembly arms. Our banking is done at automated teller terminals that thanks us with mechanical politeness for the transaction. Our subway trains are controlled by tireless robot-drivers. And thanks to the continual miniaturization of electronics and micro-mechanics, there are already robot systems that can perform some kinds of brain and bone surgery with sub millimeter accuracy, far great precision than highly skilled physicians can achieve with their hands alone

Today, let us take sex toys as an example. As the increasing demands of sex toys, there are more ans more sex toys come into the market. Factories produce all kinds of new products which has many new features and functions, so that it can fit for people's needs. Here, i would like to recommend you some items for you. Hope it useful

1. 20 Function Vibrating Panties Wireless Remote Control Rechargeable Strap on Butterfly Dildo Vibrator

Vibrating panties sex toy is waterproof women vibrator. Rechargeable strap-on sex toy is women massager toy for adult. Butterfly dildo vibrator is used as G spot clitoris stimulator adult toy. Remote control waterproof vibrator is 20 functions women adult toy. This woman vibrator can stimulate the clitoris, anus and G spot simultaneously. Different kinds vibration modes waterproof massager can be adjusted as you will.

2. Powerful Telescopic Male Masturbator Multiple Speed Sex Machine Smart Voice Interaction Masturbation Cup

Powerful telescopic male masturbator is waterproof pocket vibrant toy for women sex. Multiple speed sex toy is pocket pussy masturbation. Smart voice sex toy is the pocket pussy male toy. Pocket pussy male masturbation is thrusting piston pocket pussy sex toys. Pocket masturbator men adult toy is soft smooth adult toy. Pocket blow job sex toy is USB charging waterproof male masturbators pocket pussy. Intelligent heating toys for adults sex couples is 7 thrusting modes, 3 speed masturbation toy male. Vsp male masturbator powered pocket pussy masturbation cup is 30 kinds of sexual moaning leten male masturbator toys.

Type: Thrusting Piston pocket pussy Sex Toys for Men
Size: 27.1*8.5cm/10.67*3.34 Inch
Material: Soft Smooth Flexible Tender TPE, ABS, Silicone
Mode: 7 thrusting modes, 3 speed
Power: Magnetic USB Charge
Waterproof: Daily life waterpoof
Noise: Less than 60db

Fast speed thrusting motor, 380 frequency/minute, like BoDuo sit on your leg and thrusting, you just enjoy the pleasure, fast and slow speed alternately
Intelligent heating 39 degree constant temperature, 360 degree wrapped your penis, warm channel
Skin-feel material, Q-elastic, soft flexible TPE material
Simulation BoDuo upside thrusting telescopic
30 kinds of sexual moaning, recoreded by real BoDuo porn star
Granulation staggered, stimulate your penis eye, flirting your penis, give you best sex experience
Penis training sex toy, long time training,frict your glans,one button pause, stop at the point, then calm down, then start to training again.
Small steel gun design, round smooth line, comfortable hand hold, airpane hood shape, strong power sense

3. Wearable Butterfly Dildo Vibrator Adult Sex Toys for Women

Wearable butterfly dildo is waterproof silicone multi-speed vibration massager. Remote control vibrator is silicone cock adult toy. G Spot Clitoris Stimulator is safe silent silicone vibrator. Rabbit vibrator is invisible wear 10 frequency vibration modes sex toy. Intelligent heating silver bullet vibrator is high quality double vibration modes silicone dildo.


Portable Vibrating Clitoris and Stimulator G-Point Remote Control Vibrating Artificial Penis Adult Masturbation Toy, Invisible Portable rod vibration USB rechargeable clitoral silicone massager female vaginal massager

Dual drive and stimulation of G-spot and clitoris

Vibrator DILDO Clitoral Stimulation for G-Point Heating - 10 Vibration Modes Charged by USB

Two powerful vibration modes, you can experience double stimuli

1 + 1 combination mode, to achieve outdoor wear stimulation, indoor adjustment stimulation, let you climax constantly

High quality silica gel food, 100% waterproof, safe and hygienic

Quiet motors can be used anywhere.

Up to 15 meters of remote control can be used for stimulating games.


Temperature: Intelligent heating, constant temperature 41 degrees

Frequency: 10 frequencies

Material: ABS silica gel

Charge: USB

Outer packing size: 11x11x4CCM

Gift size: 3X3X15CM

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