Self Control And Using Sex Toys

As a saying goes :"The man who would succeed in any great undertaking must hold all his faculties under perfect control.... However, we can say it is no self control if people choose to use sex toys?

First, i wanna tell you more details about self control. Self-control is essential to happiness and usefulness. It is the master of all the virtues, and has its root in self-respect. Let a man yield to his impulses ans passions, and from threat moment he gives up his moral freedom.

It is the self-discipline of a man that enables him to pursue success with superior diligence ans sobriety. Many of the great characters in history illustrate this trait. In ordinary life the application is the same. He who would lead must first command himself. The time of test is when everybody is excited or angry, then the well-balanced mind comes to the front.

However, how can we say that it is no has self control if we choose to use sex toys in our daily life, if some one say that, then we must know that they know too little about the advantages of using sex toys. For example, by using prostate massage, you can stimulate your organism to avoid the fast ejection, using penis pump, it can help your penis become a little bigger. Also, there are also too many sex toys, like prostate stimulation toys, virgin pussy pocket,women vibrators, male mouth stroker and so on, they can help to improve the sex relationship between your couples. Of course, we cannot say we can use sex toys all the time without self-control. We all know that it can harm our body if we use it frequently, just like use it everyday, twice one day. Anyway, we need take control of the using frequencies, or i wanna say you have bad self-control

A fair amount of self-examination is good. Self-knowledge is a preface to self-control. Too much using sex toys leads to harming our body. Too little self-control are not unhealthy to our body. Here, i highly recommend you that you must take charge of the frequency of using sex toys.

Here, i would like to recommended several kinds of sex toy. Hope it useful

1. 9" Realistic Large Dildo


Length: 9 inch
Largest inserting length: 6.7 inch
Shaft circumference: 1.6 inch
Material: Medical silicone
Softness: Glans > Penis > Scrotum base
With Suction Cup: Yes

2. Waterproof Prostate Massager

Waterproof: 100% waterproof
Vibration: 11 vibration modes
Noise:<40 dbs, low noise
Rechaging: USB Quickly Rechargeable, so that you can recharge anytime anywhere
Marerial: Soft siliocone, no any harm to your body
Testure: it is stretchy, you can adjust the size as you will
Application: Male, female, gay, lesbian

3. C Type Vibrator Dual Motors

Material: Silicone+ABS. No any harm to your body
Design: Ergonomic. C Type
Feature: G Spot Vibrator, Clitoral stimulation, prostate massager
Color: Pink / Purple
Waterproof: 100% waterproof (vibrator)
Charging: USB Rechargeable

Commodity Quality Certification: ce
Type: Wearable vibrator
Size: As the pic shows
Motor: Dual Motor
Vibration mode: 7 kinds of vibration

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