Ho to Do Sports If You Wanna Improve Your Sex Ablitity
"Energy" is an important indicator for adding charisma to men. The "skills" described below can treat sexual dysfunction, sexual neurasthenia, spermatorrhea, spermatorrhea and neurosis.

Action points:

1. You can sit on the sofa, keep your upper body inclined at about 45 degrees, keep your head straight, don't bend your neck, and put a thin soft pillow behind your head to make the lower jaw adduct, knee flexion 120 degrees, feet apart and shoulders the same width, flat on the ground, loose shoulders and arms, hands placed in front of the lower abdomen.

2. When you start exercising for the first time, don't change the original form of natural breathing, but gradually change to abdominal breathing, but you don't need to be aware of it. After a period of exercise, you can use the deep breathing method, the chest and abdomen should be raised when inhaling, gradually reaching a deep, quiet, uniform degree.

3. Dedicated to the next Dantian (between the navel and the sea to the Guanyuan). That is to eliminate the distracting thoughts, the spirit of the concentration of Dantian parts, binocular return, look back, and sent to the next Dantian. I want to see the overflow, listen to both ears, and gradually reach the state of calm. When you have a distracting thought, you can slam your teeth three times to calm your mind and continue to calm down.

4. After the end, slowly squint your eyes

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