Consumption Desire Accelerates the Need of Sex Toys

For many people, economic growth and an increase in possessions are signs of progress, but for anti-consumer groups over-consumption and materialism. A recent Public Broadcasting Service coined the term Affluenza, which describes consumption of material goods in a strongly negative way. Anyway, economic growth accelerate our consumption desire, we can buy what we need in our daily life rather then save, save and save, because there are too many things is indispensable for us if we want a more comfortable life quality. Today, i would like to take sex toys as an example. As far as i am concerned, it is necessary for our sex life. And plus, there are too many benefits than i can list here. Now, in this post, i would like to recommend you some items. Hope it useful.

1. Cock Rubber Rings Penis Enlargement Sex Toys for Man Lock Ejaculation Sex Rings 3Pcs Penis Erection Ring Delaying Ejaculation

Cock ring is 3 pcs rubber sex toy for men. Cock ring for men is waterproof soft penis enlargement sex toy for men. 3pcs penis ring is stretchy soft lock ejaculation sex toy for men.

2. Leten USB Charging Male Automatic Masturbator Sex Toy for Men Vibration Aircraft Cup Male Masturbator Vibrator Erotic Sex Toys

Leten USB charging vagina masturbator is waterproof silicone vagina mouth sex toy. Vagina pocket pussy japan is automatic sex toy. Vibrating erotic sex toy is automatic aircraft cup for men. Vagina masturbation sex toy is deep throat licking vagina pocket pussy toy. When you insert your penis in and out, this vagina sex toy will suck and lick your penis gently. ABS silical vagina masturbator is 7 kinds of vibration modulation magnetic charging vagina massager. Vagina for oral sex toy is high vibration small amplitude strong tingling vagina sex toy. Male mastubator own lips and tender mouth, so you can have a more comfortable sex feeling. Mute design vagina pussy masturbation toy is automatic voice sex toy, the faster the sound, the more waves, so you can feel your horse eye is completely crisp.

3. Wireless Control Prostate Massager Sex Toys for Men Rechargeable Heating Prostate Vibrator Butt Plug Anal vibrator Adult Toys

Wireless control prostate massager is waterproof silicone vibrator. Vibrator adult toys women is rechargeable butt plug. Vibrator adult toy is automatic heating adult toy. Vibrator massager is waterproof remote control butt plug. Vibrator g spot sex toy is 8 kinds of vibration frequency vibrating prostate toy. Anal vibrator is safe silicone material butt plug, which is no any harm for your body. Prostate stimulation tool is remote control butt plug up to 10 meters.

4. USB Rechargeable Dildo G Spot U Silicone Stimulator Double Vibrators Sex Toy For Woman Wireless Vibrator Adult Toys For Couples

U tape vibrating prostate stimulator is waterproof silicone adult toy for couples. Vibrating prostate toy is USB charging remote control vibrating prostate stimulator. Prostate butt plug is waterproof G-spot stimulator for adult. Vibrator massager is silicone double vibrators, which can stimulate your anus and clitoris simultaneously. Vibrator for women is 10 vibration modes sex toys prostate, and you can adjust it according to your detailed needs. Mute design vibrator toys for women make no one know what you are doing. So it can protect your privacy.

Type: U type Silicone Stimulator
Vibration frequency: 10 frequency
Material: ABS + silicone
Charging: USB charging
Color: violet
Net weight: 45g
Gross weight: 133g
Waterproof: 100% waterproof life
Noise: <20Db
Product Feature
Double-head shaking, achieving orgasm
For couple,can be used for male or female alone as well.

How to use:

For couple
Stimulation of female g-spot and male penis at the same time.
For female
1.The smaller end inserts the vagina,the larger end stimulates the clitoris at the same time.
2.Stimulation of the G-spot and anal at the same time.
For male
Stimulation of male prostate,and anal at the same time.

5. Male Penis Vibrating Ring Delay Ejaculation Cock G spot Stimulator Clitoris Massager Anal Dildo Vibrator Sex Toys for Men Women

Male penis ring is waterproof silicone adult toy. Cock ring is delay ejaculation cock ring for men. Clitoris massager is ultra quiet vibrator for women. Vibrator massager can be used to thicken your penis, stimulate women clitoris. Double cock rings can prolong sex time effectively. 12 vibration modes cock ring can bring you multiple orgasms and sex pleasure.Mute design can make you use it more conveniently. Stretchy soft material cock ring make it more comfortable to use in the sex love time.

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