Robot sex toy, electric prostate milking, couples adult toys, ultimate prostate massager or vibrating panties with remote. Maybe you have used them all when they come into the market. However, do you really know the features and functions are being changed even day by day

The saddest thing of this time is that you work hard, but you are not rich, you are smart, but you are not in the tide. In the post-Jobs era, Apple had to rely on expanding the screen and multi-brand strategy to stabilize its position, and Samsung's curved screen did not really change the decline in sales. In China, the rapid rise of a number of domestic mobile phone brands, such as Huawei, Xiaomi, Vivo and so on, has made the situation in the mobile phone industry more chaotic, and the era of "warring States Expedition" is coming. So in such a fierce environment, what can occupy the market?

An interesting story is this: a Swedish grandmother took her two grand daughters to the concert market to pick out sex goods, and the two grand daughters were shy, but Grandma said calmly, "sexual desire belongs to you. I want you to be happy." The first reaction to seeing this story is: it's so cool! While we are still ignorant and masked, confident and independent Swedish girls have passed on the concept of "pleasing themselves" from generation to generation. No wonder Sweden has become one of the most equal countries for men and women in the world.

According to Pornhub, the largest and most popular porn site in the United States, VR videos were searched for more than 38 million VR videos last year since the launch of VR pornographic content in April 2016, with the largest number of searches in China. Relevant data show that domestic sales in the domestic sex goods industry have reached 120 billion yuan in 2011, its neutral appliances accounted for 15 percent, and the industry composite rate is expected to reach 30 percent in 2016. with the popularity of e-commerce to a certain extent, the number of consumers is also increasing.

Twerking Butt

This is an electric buttocks toy launched by Pornhub, the world's largest adult porn site, with a head display. It is shaped like an ass that can shake, knead and heat up. Users can watch specified pornographic videos by inserting their phones into the VR header. The regular Twerking Butt suit costs $699. If you want something advanced, you can add a little more money to buy the luxury version of Twerking Butt ($1000), which not only has all the decorations of the ordinary version, but also performs the electric buttocks of multiple strippers and pop stars!

The World's First Sexy Appliances——A10 Cyclone SA

Although it is an male masturbator, it is not an ordinary plane cup. Its biggest characteristic is that it will vibrate to varying degrees according to the action of the film, thus simulating the reality of the film. More interesting, with the attached player, can support a variety of online video formats, and can set their own parameters. This means that you can make full use of all kinds of information on the Internet, and you can adjust the vibration intensity of each time period of the film to get a better "use experience".


The previous stimuli were generated after the film was shot. In this way, the island gentleman protested that the experience was not real enough and that it was troublesome to set it up on its own. As a result, R & D personnel have made different degrees of improvement, and customized built-in signal processing for different films, this special signal perfectly records the action of the film. Finally, the evolution from "watching action movies" to "feeling action movies" was realized.

See here, the editor can not help but show excitement! This is simply the paradise pursued by thousands of homestead men. Think about even if you are tired from work in the future, when you get home, you have a VR girlfriend to chat with you, relieve boredom, and you can be resurrected with blood in place!
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