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Prostate Massagers are becoming more and more practical and popular because of its functions. Then, what should we buy when we need to buy by online shopping. Here, let me take some examples for you. For example: prostate milking, prostate orgasm, anal massage, milking the prostate, etc. Ohh, too much key words to than i list here.

If suffering from prostatitis, many friends will choose the prostate massager to massage, just like my friend's husband. Of course, prostate massagers have a certain effect to prostatitis. However, we cannot ignore its side effects. Don't worry, here are some practical ways to avoid these side effects!

Harms of Improper Using:

1. The number of stools and physical properties of some patients would change during in the period of using prostate massagers. But don't worry, this phenomenon will disappear automatically when we stop using them, so there is no need to worry about anything.

2. Although the prostate massagers have certain effects on the prostate gland, however, it is a just a machine. And it is not as convenient and flexible to use as the hands, nor can it run completely in accordance with the anatomical characteristics of the prostate. Therefore, it is suggested that patients should use the hands or a proper prostate massager to massage.

3. If patients can not use the prostate massagers correctly, bringing some serious harm. And it will make the prostate uncomfortable, causing local injury.

How to Use a Prostate Massager?

Core tips:

Ensure that keep relaxed before using prostate massagers, and grease some lubes on the massager, letting prostate toy into the anus until it touch the prostate, and then it will massage your prostate automatically. What's more, there is one point you need to mind, you had better move softly when using it, so that it will not harm the prostate and surrounding tissue.

Traditional method of prostate massagers is human intervention, but now there are some kinds of prostate massagers on the market, but you need use it properly. The best way is that using it under the guidance of the doctor, so how to use a prostate massager? Now let's introduce it in detail.

First: Using the prostate massagers after emptying stool. Clean the male anal orgasm toy with warm water or antibacterial soap, and then rinse with clean water. Adding some lubes on the vibrating prostate massager and anus, and then relax sphincter by choosing a lateral position, now you can push the sex toy into the anus until it touch the part of the prostate, now please push the handle to massage.

Second: It will produce foreign body sensation after prostate massager come into the anus, at this time, please keep relaxed, inhale and exhale slowly. When prostate orgasm toy enter into the front place, we will have a urinate idea, which belong a normal phenomenon. During the process of massaging, the prostatic fluid will be discharged from the urethra. If there is no discharge fluid, do not be nervous or demanding. And plus, prostate massagers cannot be used casually, we had better use it under the guidance of a doctor.

Finally: Prostate massager can not be used too often, otherwise it will cause harm to prostate. At most time, 1 to 2 times per week is ok, and the time is 10 to 30 minutes or so. There is a prostate fluid discharged from urethral is preferred, and we should replace prostate massagers after using for a period of time, otherwise it will lead to bacterial growth.

Not All Massagers Are Real Massagers

Distinguish Between Vibrators and Prostate Massagers

vibrator wand prostate massage
Vibrator Prostate Massager
Only vibration telescopic massage
Clip the Eggs Massage the perineum
Too long or too short standard size
No remote control Remote control

Today, i would like to introduce to you some popular items about prostate massagers in 2020. Hope it useful.

1. Prostate Massager Wireless Remote Control Male Spot P Spot Massager

This prostate massager combine sex with technology, so it is a good sex toy for men. Not only it can vibrates, but there are many other functions can be found here. Powerful motor vibrators own 10 vibration modes, and there are 3 additional vibration speeds.

The remote control prostate massager lets you decide what level of satisfaction you want, and its sleek design and smooth shape provide a comfortable experience while allowing for hands-free orgasms.

Prostate massager can be charged by USB cable, making endless pleasure effortless climaxes anytime, anywhere. Just plug it into an available USB port or compatible adapter. And plus, it is ergonomic design sex toy, so it is more easy to use when needed.

2. Anal Massager Sex Toys For Women Men

Prostate massage sex toy is 360 degree swing sex toy for men women. Prostate stimulation adult toy is 3 Speeds Rotating + 10 kinds of incredible vibrations toy, so it will bring you more sex pleasure when you use it. Prostate stimulator own 2 powerful motors, so it can stimulate you simultaneously. Multiple vibration modes make you adjust it as will.

One. 10M Wireless Remote Control Design For Hands-Free

Use the wireless remote control to perfectly control the vibration's strength and speed and it can be used up to 10 meters away. It is the best toy to stimulate your prostate and perineum. You can give control to your partner and let them surprise you with the exciting variations! It elevates your enjoyment during lovemaking or solo play!

Two. Waterproof Male Prostate Toy

When you take a shower or go swimming, this Waterproof Anal Vibrator lets you enjoy maximum vibration enjoyment. Its smooth surface makes it easy to clean.

You can use it within 10 meters, so it can release your both hands. Sound level is much lower than most other similar toys. Feel free to use it anywhere and anytime for your sweet spots. It is the best prostate massager to stimulate your prostate and perineum. You can give control to your partner and let them surprise you with the exciting variations! It elevates your enjoyment during lovemaking or solo play!

3. Prostate Massager Milking the Prostate Toy

Upgrade prostate massager. Medical electrotherapy prostate massager, not only can orgasm, but also strong prostate. Low, medium and high frequency electrotherapy nursing super orgasm toy.

Massage anal toy: If electrotherapy stimulates neuromuscular contractions to prevent inflammation. High frequency electrotherapy promotes the thermal circulation of the body. For this best male vibrator, the frequency can be controlled wirelessly, and the frequency and switch can be adjusted independently.

Self-adaptive strong vibration prostate massage orgasm: Fast stimulating the sensitive point in the back court to enjoy continuous high pleasure massage double eggs.

4. Lovehoney Curve Cruiser 5 Function Vibrating Prostate Massager

Key Features:

* Velvety silicone prostate massager with 5 vibration functions for enhanced orgasmic fun
* Curved tip and wavy shaft target the P-spot and other anal pleasure points
* Bullet vibrator can also be used separately for two toys in one
* T-bar base adds perineal pleasure
* Best used with a water-based lubricant

5. 11 Vibration Modes Waterproof Prostate Massager Remote Control Male Toy

11 vibration modes prostate massager is the waterproof sex toy for men. Remote control prostate massager is the 11 vibration modes sex toy, which can bring you a more comfortable feeling and experience. The prostate vibrator orgasm is widely used in male, female. Soft silicone material make it no any harm for your body. Male anal prostate toy is low noise which make you use it more safely and no body can hear the noise of it

Waterproof: 100% waterproof
Vibration: 11 vibration modes
Noise:<40 dbs, low noise
Rechaging: USB Quickly Rechargeable, so that you can recharge anytime anywhere
Marerial: Soft siliocone, no any harm to your body
Testure: it is stretchy, you can adjust the size as you will
Application: Male, female, gay, lesbian

1 X Prostate massager
1 X Remote controller
1 X Charging wire

6. Multiple Vibration Modes Prostate Massager Mute Remote Control Butt Plug

Multiple vibration modes prostate massager is the waterproof adult toy for men women. Remote Control prostate massager can be used as a butt plug, so you can use it more conveniently. Waterproof prostate massager is premium medical grade silicone and ABS material prostate vibrator orgasm. Prostatitis treatment massage is 9 kinds strong vibration modes thin prostate massager. Dual motors prostate orgasm toy can stimulate your 4 spots simultaneously. Silent design g spot vibrator can make you feel you are flying in the air

Waterproof: 100% Waterproof
Vibration modes: 9
Material: Premium medical grade silicone+ABS
Range of remote controlled: 32FT
Size: 6 x 3 x 7 inches
Weight: 3.7 ounce
Power:Internal lithium battery
Play time: 4 hours
Charging time: 1.5 hours

1. Body-Safe Use: This prostate massager for male is made from medical silicone, CE and ROHS certification, no-toxic ABS, odorless, there is no need to worry about this material. it is body-safe to use.

2. Professional Design: Soft silicone meet ergonomic design so smooth and curved shaped can insert anus directly, you can also use it as a butt plug. Multifunctional, so that you can massage your prostate and perineum, stimulate it to provide you with prostate orgasm, erectile function and circulation of seminal fluid. Also can be used to prevent prostate from prostatitis and prostate cancer. Own it, use it and you will have low odds to have disease!

3. Multi-function Massager: The vibrating prostate massager with 9 powerful vibration, full of new design of vibrating plug meet massage your prostate and perineum requirements, after using it, it can make you more easily to get to orgasm by massaging your g-spot. What's more, you also can use it as a stimulator for women or women to stimulate clit or anus to reach sex pleasure from time to time.

4. Powerful Vibration: 9 vibration modes design, so you can adjust it according to your needs. Anyway, it just wanna make you relax and enjoy sex pleasure

5. 100% water proof prostate massage ergonomic design, so you can use it in the water, whether bathing pool or when you sweating.

6. Made from skin friendly, soft, silky and body-safe material. It can make you feel more comfortable

7. USB charging, whisper quiet 2-4 hours battery life. Wireless remote control, Wall charger, power bank, PC, CAR CHARGER

7. Rotating Vibrating Butt Plug

Discover a vibrating Butt plug and anal beads that jump to life with 7 powerful rotations and 7 intense vibrations to escalate your pleasure from Zero to anal hero in an instant.
This authentic design mimics the effect of anal beads, as it builds in girth along a well-crafted shaft to blast you with insane amounts of stimulation with a t-bar at the base to ensure peace OF MIND!

This vibrating anal plug is completely waterproof so you can use it while taking a shower or lounging in the tub. The watertight design makes the vibrator easy to clean and maintain for long-lasting enjoyment.

Dual motors can be controlled independently of each other so you can tailor sensations, they’re quieter than the average motor which gives you the Privacy you need to fully enjoy your new anal toy.

This anal sex toy is made of quality silicone, it’s hypoallergenic and latex-free for safe and healthy play every time while retaining its strength For solid penetration.

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