A Survey About Adult Sex Toys From the Internet

Several days ago, i collected some data about why and who will use adult sex toys in our daily life, and the data shows more and more people can accept it. You will have a more clear understanding for the opinions for adult toys. Here, please see more details from the below

Weadultshop's survey shows that people generally have a tolerant attitude toward adult products, and their purchases desire are also higher, but consumer behavior has not kept pace. The adult toys market is one who will work hard.

Weadultshop launched a survey on the use of adult products. As of the evening of November 7, more than 9,000 netizens participated in the voting. The results of the survey showed that people generally have a tolerant attitude toward adult products, but consumer behavior has not kept pace.

Here, i would like to take three stories for example to let you know more.

Story One

"I've always fantasized about being raped . Here, I finally know that this fantasy is not wrong. " In the past, I felt that I could not let it go. I always gave myself a lot of restraints and judgments. I could not do this, I could not do that, and I was ashamed to think about it. I have always been reluctant to admit that I have forced, violent fantasies, even if my husband helped me out, I do not want to admit. But then I fell in love with it deeply, sexual fantasy exists in your mind, it does not hurt anyone, just to help you happy "props"-a small steel roller. Suddenly, my perspective was open. At first, take it and roll over the arm, suddenly fell in love with this feeling. Sharp and blunt, cold and cold, every forward point every frame is exciting, that is, the kind of want, but also want.

Story Two

"I didn't expect me to fall in love with a band I had never experienced before." If you just listen and not experience, I think you will be surprised to see this feeling. Although men are willing to play a leading role in sex life, they also hope to have the positive cooperation of women. Many men say that if a woman takes the initiative in bed, she will arouse her strong desire and will naturally behave better. Tie the other party to the bed, while the other party has no ability to fight the state, to trick him, let him high desire. Remember to use your hand, chest, smooth skin and sexy lips, touch with your hand, rub his chest and skin all over and down, kiss all the parts he wants to be kissed with his mouth. At the moment he can not stand, and then take the sitting down the woman in riding posture, and use your waist strength, and enjoy the leading right in the process of sex.

Story Three

"I've ignored my feelings for too long, and my body will be gentle from now on." Cryogenic candles opened a window of new knowledge for me; the most important thing was to slow down. Only when you are slow can you feel it well and improve your attention and awareness. When I got back, I found that I had become active and would pay more attention to my body. At first it will be a little hot, and if you remember it correctly, the details page says it is only 48 °temperature and condenses quickly. In fact, this kind of wax drop is still very safe, the temperature is actually controllable in a certain range. Later, I found a tip: if you are afraid in the wax drop process, please raise the wax hand, prolong the wax drop time, and the temperature of the drop will be relatively low.

After reading this three stories, you must have more clear understading for it. Here, i would like to introduce to you some sex toys in out website

1. Automatic Telescopic Heating Vibration Dildo

Size: Total length 19.5cm, diameter 4cm, insertable depth: 14cm
Color: Flesh
Features: Intelligent heating, telescopic and vibrating
Material: Safe silicone material. High quality silica gel. No any hram to your body.
Intelligent constant temperature: 40℃
Charging: USB charging. Such as computer USB charging, socket USB charging, plug connection USB, charging treasure USB.
Waterproof: Yes

2. 3D Realistic Silicon Vagina Pussy


1. Two open and lifelike designs: sexy, lotus desire cat masturbation one; narrow channels such as virgin vagina, labiac realistic, super soft, touching her soft skin, pressing soft meat, giving her ass a little gloating and invading she was.
2. Easy to clean: Easy to clean and quickly absorb body temperature. Compatible with water-based lubricants, is more suitable for your experience
3D realistic vaginal structure: a young girl's realistic masturbation cat vagina is blue, rubbing against your penis with a large knob internal 3D structure; the vagina and anus opening are gorgeously tight (elastic) with a diffuse labia
3. Medical TPE material: Made of medical TPE, it is extremely flexible, non-toxic, tasteless and safe to use. It is a soft and soft texture for male masturbation cats through sex toys, giving you a high pleasure.

Plus, there are more adult sex toys you can find you can find in our store,welcome visit and find what you need

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